Here's A Walking Dead Trailer None Of Us Have Watched Because Spoilers

Telltale just released this trailer for the last episode in The Walking Dead Season Two, the second sequence in their lovely adventure series. "The trailer does NOT SPOIL the finale," said a Telltale rep. "But it WILL SPOIL each episode before it if you aren't all caught up!"

This is a problem for Team Kotaku's morning shift. See...

Here's A Walking Dead Trailer None Of Us Have Watched Because Spoilers

So here is a trailer none of us have watched. Hope it's good!


    Spoiler warning!My comment above is a spoiler warning.

    Awesome trailer and pretty much summarizes both series up to the final episode. Many feels.

    The only spoiler to avoid is the one where it turns out lee is actually the second coming of Jesus.........and that clem is actually a ghost. If you avoid those spoilers then it will be fine.

    Clickbait article is clickbait?

      How is this clickbait? They're giving you the trailer and just saying that the people in this particular office haven't watched it yet. I'm all for calling out a bullshit article, but this one I don't see as clickbait.

    Scheduled release date is August 26, 2014 btw.
    Would have been nice if the article mentioned that.
    There are no spoilers after 3:30, However what's after 3:30 doesn't look to have much to do with Episode 5, more with Clem in general.

      Wow kudos to them. Ep4 was only released a month ago, thought we're gonna have to wait around 3 months for the last one.

        Yeah, they're saying 26-08-14 which makes me a little skeptical, but I hope it's true!

          Telltale usually releases a trailer in the week before an episode, so should be ok. I believe they've done this so far with TWD2 and TWAU. Not sure about TWD1 as I came to it late.

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