Here's The New Trailer For Bravely Second

Bravely Second, the long-awaited sequel to Bravely Default, got a new trailer that was shown during today's 3DS Nintendo Direct. It's above, have a look — the world map and the cities look even more beautiful than in the first game.

Bravely Second comes out on the Nintendo 3DS this winter in Japan.

「ブレイブリーセカンド」~胎動篇~ [YouTube]


    ...which 3ds?
    if this is an exclusive to the new model, I'm gonna be disappointed.

      I'm just hoping it doesn't take another year to decide to localize D:

        A lot of that was because Squenix were idiots and didn't think it would sell so they sat on it and didn't bother until Nintendo offered to help localize it.

      Here's hoping that the only exclusive will be Xenoblade Chronicles... the last thing Nintendo needs is to fragment (and ruin) their handheld platform.

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        its a shame about Xenoblade. I've wanted to play that for a while, got hyped hearing about a 3DS port, but then hearing its only for the '3DS' bummed me out a bit.

          Nintendo have also confirmed that more exclusives will be developed.
          *throws hands up in air* why?!?!

      Doubt it, this was in production a long time ago. Also from the trailer, it doesnt look any more cpu intensive, bet its the same engine.

      I think it would be a pretty safe bet that this title will be for the current 3DS iteration as Bravely Second has been in the works for over a year now. Also, Squeenix is being very careful with their release decisions at the moment and I don't think they'd risk releasing for an updated system until they know it has sold the numbers.

    Hope they sort out the pacing of this game. I was one of the many who just couldn't be bothered with the last 1/3rd of that game. Also, the voice direction needs work, some of the VA (especially Agnes) is just awful in the English localisation.

    Man, it looks like Legend of Mana and Final Fantasy IX made sweet, sweet love and this beautiful child was the fruit.

      Are you implying that you never saw the original Bravely Default and how beautiful it was?

    I am so looking forward to this game. Bravely Default is one of my favourite games for handhelds (DS & 3DS games). Even with its slow last 1/3rd it was a an absolute gem that reminded me and a lot of my friends just how good JRPGs can be.
    I still hold on to the hope that we may see some form of adaption of the Japanese exclusive browser game.

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