Here’s What Sin City Looks Like Before They Add Any Special Effects

Here’s What Sin City Looks Like Before They Add Any Special Effects

It takes a whole lot of special effects to bring a comic book to life on the big screen. So what does a movie like Sin City: A Dame for Kill look like before all the after effects are applied? The answer is basically nothing like the actual film.

Sin City has a cast of about two dozen big-name actors. But it wouldn’t be much of anything but a bunch of people crawling around in leather suits in front of a green screen were it not for the post production team. It’s pretty striking to see just how different it all looks in the process that actually involves human actors, before the movie is handed over to the artists to work their magic.

See the trailer below to see a snippet of what the movie looks like in all its film noir glory. Gives you a little perspective on just how the puzzle is pieced together. [The Week]

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  • This shows how difficult it is for even good actors to give convincing performances when everything is on a greenscreen ‘set’.
    Compare it to the behind the scenes stuf from Winter Soldier, where they tried to do everything possible practically and you can see how much better it is for the actors to be able to react to each other and their environments.

  • See, kotaku is getting better. I mean they were trying to report on Sim City, which is actually a game and within the parameters of this blog, but they got a letter wrong. They should be commended for effort.

  • I was so disappointed I read that as Sim City.

    Considering they didn’t just crank out a sequel I’m hoping they did do things right for Sin City. So I’ll pass on these vids to avoid Spoilers, same reason I try not to watch the Trailers for movies I want to see.

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