Here's What You Need To Know About Hearthstone's New Card Expansion...

As someone who hasn't played Hearthstone, Jeffrey 'Trump' Shih might as well be talking another language in this video, but apparently he is quite the expert and you should take his advice as gospel. This is Trump's guide to all the new Curse of Naxxramas expansion cards. It's a solid way to get a good idea which cards you should be ignoring, and which should be added to your deck ASAP.

Now for all you expert Hearthstone players out there: as someone who recently played World of Warcraft and sort of enjoyed it way more than they expected, how difficult is it to get into Hearthstone? Is it something I should be investigating?

I found the whole process of how the game was created absolutely fascinating, but I also know next to nothing about card games. Hearthstone seems like as good an entry point as any, am I right?

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    Yup its a great introduction. Don't let the elitist MtG players tell you otherwise.

    As an old WoW player, it was such an easy way to learn the genres

    Is it something I should be investigating?

    Definitely, I started playing a few weeks ago, it's very easy to pick up, and also very addictive.



      As someone who's played a fair few TCG's over the years I can safely say Blizzard have captured lightning with this one. It's one of those games that's incredibly easy to understand but equally difficult to master. Given it's free to play try out the tutorial (5-6 AI matches about 5min each) and see how you feel.

      It's also one of those games you can play for about 15min to an hour a day and make some solid progress so it's really convenient when I don't have a lot of gaming time on a work day!

        By the way man, I finally beat Maexxna. Went back to it, and beat her on the first try.

          Attaboy! =P See told you, you could do it!! Now onwards to the plague quarter! I actually got my ass handed to me by loatheb twice before swapping decks and wiping the ground with his FACE!

            If you have a solid deck then it really comes down to luck of the draw. It's rare you get your perfect starter cards, but it seems so much more common to get a full suite of high level stuff you can't use straight away.

        Four hours disappeared when I first got into the beta lol

    I kept seeing the iPad version show up in the app store and then finally decided to see what it was.

    I am now absolutely hooked. It's a really well designed game that just fun to play. I am not particularly good at it but those moments when you pull of a combo of cards that does something effective you feel awesome.

    I strongly suggest everybody downloads it and does the intro matches. They will give you a good sense of what the game is about and the only cost is a bit of your time.

      I wish I had a tablet for this very reason, it is definitely not something that is going to see play time when I sit down in front of my PC but is a fun game.

    "how difficult is it to get into Hearthstone? Is it something I should be investigating?"
    The game is extremely easy to learn. But it all comes down to fine tuning your deck as you learn the deeper mechanics.
    The game is great to play because of the surprising attention do detail in every little aspect of its design.
    The look, the sounds and music. The little animations and voice overs. The whole package.
    Its a very enjoyable game. Im no master at the game, but I do love killing an hour or two with a bunch of games.
    Its just fun to play.

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    Yep, definitiely give it a shot Mark. It is very easy to learn but like all good games, hard to master. It allows you creativity to develop your own decks, which can be alot of fun even when they're not successful. And as others have said, it's very, VERY addictive.

    Perhaps the biggest selling point I can give you Mark, based on your time available to play games, is this: this is the ultimate quick to play, short session game, and is highly enjoyable. A match will take anywhere from 5 - 20 mins. You can play for a quick few games when you have a spare hou, or if you have more time to committ it can easily turn into a few hours.

    Could this be your next set of articles mark?! An Idiot in Hearthstone?! =O

      I would love to see this. No offence to Mark, I know his time is very limited. However I would have loved to see him get into more of WoW and hear his experiences. He only just scratched the surface, not evem (also mentioned in his articles).

      Hearthstone you can become decent at easily within the space of a month. He may need to spend some money on it though to get more flexibility with cards...

        If he spent 30minutes a day doing the daily quests he'd have farmed enough gold to for 2-3 arena runs a week. I basically made it to rank 22 with just cards from Arena runs and then bought packs last week for the first time.

        No offence taken! I get your point completely.

        I've come to the conclusion that a lot of WoW players came into the game at that moment in their life when they had time to burn. In high school, early years of Uni. That time in your life when you had a tight circle of friends that socialised and played games together.

        In a sense I think I missed the boat. I was playing Halo around that time, I was playing GameCube/Xbox/PS2.

      @markserrels tours the country and does a series of Fireside Gathering events with the Kotaku community!

        I would gladly shout the man a beer or 7 if this came to fruition!

    It is strangely addictive. Yes, it is free to play, but it doesn't scream at you for cash. I'd sort of lost interest until the expansion gave me new cards to play with.

    Hearthstone is everything MtG has been trying to do for years in trying to convert its game into the electronic format. While no doubt simpler, it is also gets rid of a lot of the unnecessary crap that crowds a magic board and fully takes advantage of being digital.

    All the while the game has a very rich meta game with deep subtle mechanics. Is the depth not in the same league as magic? Probably but those arguments always forgets the original argument that magic has a bajillion more mechanics. Depth is contextual and relative to a game's original mechanics.

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