Hey, Final Fantasy Explorers Looks Pretty Good

Fashion modelling agency Square Enix just released a handful of new trailers for Final Fantasy Explorers, which will be out for 3DS in Japan this December.

There's no internatinoal release date for Final Fantasy Explorers yet, but it's looking good so far. Monster Hunter-style gameplay with Final Fantasy classes and beasts. I'm sold.


    Hey, learn how to write a good headline.

      It got you to click on it.

        Yeah so that I could complain about the headline.

    Fashion modelling agency Square Enix

    ... Really. That's the one you want to stick with?

      I had a chuckle, It's been quite a while since SE cared more about making good games than whacky fashion

    im not that into final fantasy, but this looks pretty good. Might end up buying it when it comes out

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