Hideo Kojima And Guillermo Del Toro Team Up For New Silent Hill

Hideo Kojima And Guillermo del Toro Team Up For New Silent Hill

Yeah, this is actually happening. Classic horror game series Silent Hill is back, with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and famed horror movie director Guillermo del Toro involved. Walking Dead TV show actor Norman Reedus is the star. It was revealed in the form of an interactive teaser on the PlayStation Store.

You can see the reveal in this video.

(Excuse all the shouting in the video. It was originally capped as part of a Twitch stream.)

The video shows a man who turns out to be actor Norman Reedus on a darkened street before revealing the the names of Kojima and del Toro. He looks at the camera, and then the Silent Hill logo appears.

So this kinda came out of nowhere, huh? Well, not entirely. An allegedly terrifying demo called P.T. was announced and released during Sony's Gamescom conference, and people flocked to the PS Store to download it. It turned out to be a teaser for this mega-project, as opposed to a demo for a new horror series as everyone first suspected.

The whole stunt is very much in line with Kojima's penchant for bait-and-switches, mostly recently seen with Metal Gear Solid V's "The Phantom Pain" reveal gag. Even P.T.'s developer, 7780s Studio, turned out to be a big fat phony. Oh Kojima, never change.

This isn't Guillermo del Toro's first crack at game development, either. He was set to head up a much-hyped but never seen horror game trilogy called Insanebefore publisher THQ became a madhouse (and then not a house at all) due to money troubles.

Previously, communications from Silent Hill had gone a bit, er, silent, with Silent Hill: Book of Memories hitting PlayStation Vita back in 2012. Before that was Silent Hill: Downpour on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Neither was particularly good.

There was also the movie Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which Kirk insists I mention — and I quote — "because it had Ned Stark and Jon Snow" from Game of Thrones in it. The actors, of course. It would have only been a thousand times better if they were playing their GoT characters. Only a thousand.

So yeah, this is one hell of way to bring back Silent Hill after a couple-year slumber. Kojima and del Toro are waking the dead. I can't wait to see what happens. Through my own hands, of course, which will be glued firmly to my eyeballs while I whimper like a frightened child.


    Ssssssh. You had me at del Toro and Norman Reedus and Silent Hill.

    Okay, I guess all of it.

      I just let off a flare inside my office due to excitement,

        I let off... something... inside... my pants...

      I knew this was going to happen, Kojima+Del toro+silent hill+fox engine=mind blowing experience

    This is like some silly nerd fantasy. I love it.

    Ok, so... its a game yeh? Seems a little vague about being a game or movie, but signs lean more towards game... which would be so much better

    I swear if he puts Pyramid Head in this game. I'm going to fly to Japan and puch Mr. Kojima in the throat.

    But if he wants to put the Vampire Killer in as a weapon i'm totally cool with that. :D

    oh, man. can you imagine a Kojima movie?

    I'm excited, SH needs a kick in the arse.

    wait... first person? *grooooan*

      I think that was just for the teaser to hide the reveal. I mean they went through the effort of getting a big name actor, why would they miss the chance to show off his face?

        Let's hope so, FP doesn't do it for me at all.

    Do you know what would be terrifying.
    Having the radio static when enemies are around come through the PS4 controller speaker.
    I would throw my controller out of fear.

      I think the Wii controller did that for Shattered Memories. Also phone calls through controller. Disturbing.

        ARRRRHGGHGHHGH!!! :p

    I'm really embarrassed to say that for the first minute I thought that the woman's voice was a part of the game since it sounded a lot like the telephone call at the start.

    Extremely excited for this, not excited for first person though

    Article didn't mention it but the game is called Silent Hills (plural)

    I spent hours with the last part of the demo trying to get the reveal for myself. Totally worth it.

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