How Does The 'New' 3DS Compare To The 'Old' One?

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The New 3DS is faster and bigger with improved hardware and a better battery life. While the New 3DS is slightly heavier, the New 3DS XL is actually lighter.

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Let's get a better look at that new analogue stick, which Nintendo is calling the C-stick:

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The battery life for the New Nintendo 3DS is from 3.5 to 6 hours, while the battery life for the New Nintendo 3DS XL is from 3.5 to 7 hours.

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Here's how that battery life stacks up against the old 3DS, which has a battery life of 3 to 5 hours.

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And how the battery life of the New 3DS XL compares to the old 3DS XL with a battery life of 3.5 to 6.5 hours.

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At the top of this story, you can see how the New Nintendo 3DS's measurements compare to the old one. Here, you can see how they compare on both versions of the 3DS XL.


    Personally, I am hugely excited for this. Mostly because my ass of a brother threw my old Monster Hunter 3DS at the wall in a fit of rage but also, just some all round improvements.

    Still fuming.

    They're touting a battery life improvement of .5 - 1 hour? That's pathetic...

      The machine is also more powerful meaning it eats batteries faster.

    It seems like there's so little difference between the two.

      Just enough difference to make some games not playable on old 3DS hardware.
      I'm not angry, just disappointed. :P
      It's a bit frustrating, but I'll reserve judgement until we find out just how many new games are going to be exclusively for New 3DS.

        Oh, I meant difference between the two New models.

          The biggest difference between "new" 3DS and "new" 3DS LL/XL is still going to be screen size.
          IIRC, there's about an inch difference.

          I really like the way the coloured buttons stand out against the black and white of the "regular" size. The XL has just the button's letter coloured, which is a bit bland comparatively.

        Yeah it will suck for those who just bought a 3DS, but it means that the old hardware will be on special and there are already tons of 3DS games to play. Screams of the Wii U in terms of marketing though, "New 3DS"? Make it something like 3DS+ or 3DS2.

          How about calling it the super 3ds

    I'm just going to put it out there, they pretty much made a brand new model of the 3DS just for Monster Hunter, I'd say the large majority of MonHun fans in japan will probably end up getting one of these if the nub turns out to be any good.

      I'm looking forward too it for Monster Hunter but twin sticks is a must for anything playing 3D games. I'm amazed it took them this long (also that it's just a nub). Not sure how the new shoulder buttons will work out though.

    I am much happier to see this than a new 2DS or a 1DS!! ^_^

      Actually, I'd be very interested to see what a 1DS would look like.

        No screens, just uses echolocation to let you know what to do in game.

    So I guess there's not going to be a *new* 2DS?

      That will come in a few years no doubt... Just so they can maximize sales by selling this thing to some people 100 times.

    Wonder if there's a trade in program to swap your old working 3DS for the New 3DS

    Right, I expect every single one of you complaining about this to complain every time a phone company brings out a new phone, instead of creaming your pants.

    So the new DS is heavier BUT the old one is lighter? Gee, pointing the obvious out here!

      The New 3DS is heavier than the 3DS


      the New 3DS XL is lighter than the 3DS XL

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