How To Make Your PS4 Load Times 10 Seconds Faster

If you're upgrading your PlayStation 4 with a new hard drive, you're likely deciding between a larger regular drive and a faster but smaller SSD. Digital Foundry has a side-by-side comparison of the load time performances between several different hard drive models, and the speed difference is substantial.

The 240GB SSD regularly handled loading times at up to 10 second faster than its hybrid and standard cousins. Of course, that speed comes at the cost of storage, as the other three hard drives could all hold a minimum of 1TB in data, including a very affordable 2TB drive that inspired this comparison in the first place.

Digital Foundry also compared game performance between the four drives, and found that the SSD also came out ahead, but only minimally.

Ultimately it comes down to what you value as a gamer. If you're hungry for the fastest performance possible, an SSD will give you that. But if you need the extra space, the 2TB HD that Digital Foundry recommends will give you some significant bang for your buck.

You can read their full report on the cheap 2TB hard drive here.


    240GB is far too low unless you're going to play nothing but indie games, games tend to be around 20-25GB, although Wolfenstein and Diablo 3 are both over 40GB so bigger games do happen.
    EDIT: Full report is worth a read.

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      The SSD option could be aimed at someone more like myself. I usually only play one game at a time until completion and rarely touch them again, so I'd just delete the previous ones. I'm not a performance junkie, but there are some games with long load times that I sometimes would like to load faster. That said, I'm also very slack and can't be bothered undertaking the task for minimal gain. I mean, I have four guitars which have been on the lounge next to me for a couple of months now in various states of repair requiring me to rewire them. If upgrading the PS4 comes after that I'll be here forever.

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        I get what you're saying so for people like you it seems like a good option, I'll have to delete something soon cause I've only got 40GB left :/

      Isn't Diablo only that big with all the unnecessary language packs they're pushing on PS4 outside the USA? It's only 30gb on the Xbox One all patched up.

        40GB on PS4 for the English version, the others languages game is about 26GB, they say you have to download it all but you can choose just the English to download it should still work.

    buy a 1tb SSD then if you going to be a dedicated console peasant:P

    If you're going to go to such expense, why not just get a gaming PC? Isn't the 'low' price of consoles their selling point?

      That's an easy statement to make, but you're forgetting one of the fundamental reasons gamers buy particular consoles in the first place: for the exclusives.

        The exact reason I have a ps4. Exclusives. I also have an x1 for mp/co-op with the mates and a pc for games I can't get on consoles.

        if you are only getting it for the exclusives then why would you need a super fast or large hard drive, I mean there aren't that many out there that are worth it.

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          That's entirely a matter of opinion. Obviously some people will like certain exclusives more than yourself. And the PS4 isn't even into its first year yet, so Sony should be cut some slack with regards to exclusives. Like with the P33, the PS4 is likely to be supported for at least 8 years, meaning we're likely to see the same amount of investment and interest from devs into making exclusives. The PS3 had a lot of them, afterall.

    i would just go a 7200rpm drive or a hybrid 5400rpm.
    unfortunately they dont seem to do the 7200rpm hybrids anymore

    Why would you? Sure, you get every ounce of potential possible out of your system, but I wouldn't bother with the $/GB of SSDs being so high right now. Why Microsoft/Sony didn't load their OS and core apps onto a small 8GB - 16GB SSD built into the system is beyond me, watching the XBox One take 20 seconds before it'll even let me sign in is a joke.

      I don't know what's wrong with your Xbox, but from my saying "Xbox On" mine is signed in and at the dashboard in under 5 seconds.

        Are you blocking the ads? I've noticed when I boot up with the network down it boots faster than when the network is up. Even signing in after the fact still seems quicker. This is on 360 FTR.

          360 has a lot more ads than the One. One only has three spots for them one is for renewing XBL Gold/Games with Gold, one for an upcoming game, and one for a recent event generally. I do have my One set to auto login at bootup though, wasn't an option at launch so I think a lot of people haven't caught on yet.

        Everytime I cold boot the thing (I manage it for a school so auto sign in isn't a viable option) it takes a minimum of 2 seconds to display output, 13 seconds to get past the loading screen and another 5 or more seconds before it becomes responsive enough to sign in.

        It really does surprise me they didn't include a SSD to boot from, regardless of startup times the whole system would run much smoother, and a small 16GB SSD surely can't be that much in such volumes, I bet they'd get them for less than the cost of the disc drives for sure.

          Ah that's your problem. The entire device is designed around connected standby. Cold boot is never going to be anywhere near as quick without an SSD. I can remember the difference in boot time from cold the first time I installed an SSD in my computer, makes a huge difference.

        Depends if he shuts it down or puts it to sleep. Personally I always shut it down. Using reportedly half the power of when its on while it's in "stand by" isn't ok with me really. I don't mind turning it on via the controller and waiting, usually gives me enough time to switch inputs/turn off what I was doing before etc.

          I use my Xbox One for literally everything anyway. Turns the TV and stereo on and off, and controls volume, with TV going through the HDMI Input, and subscribe to Netflix/hulu/xbox music which all run through it. If the TV is on, the Xbox One is on.

    From watching the Trials Fusion comparison I realised my copy of Trials on my PC is installed on my HDD, I play the game everyday and forgot about where it was installed. I guess it can go join BF4 on my SSD.

    Looking at the prices I could buy a 2tb drive for under the cost of a 240gb SSD, drops down to 1tb for Hybrid.

    Is 10s really worth so much extra money? I know time is a commodity that can never be renewed or increased. We all have only so very little of it. But 10s isn't that bad.

    I know over 5 years that 10s could add up into actual hours, of course you need to minus all the time you spend shuffling games off and on the system. I just don't see the net gain of a fast HDD vs a bigger one.

      I agree. Also, patience is a lost quality in folks these days.

    I ended up putting a 1TB hybrid in mine, drive only cost a little more than $100, from memory. Hybrids aren't super-quick - SSD's will always win by a mile, but for the little bit of extra speed and 500GB over the stock drive, it was an easy decision to make. SSD's are amazing, but for a console? Not seeing a huge enough benefit to justify the cost and compromise on storage space. (unless you're willing to drop $300-$400+ on a larger SSD, of course)

    We put a 2tb hdd into the ps4 at the weekend (actually bought it for the PS3, and a 1tb drive for the PS4, but since the PS3 cannot handle that much drive, yada yada yada). I'm just excited about the space. I guess I'm pretty patient, because I don't mind 10 second wait times?

    It should be noted that, as someone pointed out on eurogamer, Seagate drives are not very reliable at current. I would know, my 2tb just died just after the warranty expired leaving my gaming rig with only a 128gb ssd.

    On a side note, at the time I had just upgraded the ps4 to a 1tb hybrid hdd/ssd(cost $100) and so I just put the old ps4 drive in my pc for now. It was quick and easy, just make sure you download the ps4 Os (not an update, the os is a seperate, larger file you can find on the PlayStation site) before hand and put it on a compatible Usb drive.

    I wouldn't recommend ssd's for consoles just because they don't benefit from one in the same way a pc does. 10s at best just isn't good value. At most I would recommend a hybrid as they only cost a little more and are slightly faster than normal hdds.

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