I For One Welcome Our New Pikachu Overlords

Would you rather fight one human sized Pikachu, or ten Pikachu sized humans?

How about 100 human sized Pikachus? This is bloody terrifying.

I mean, some people would say this is cute. I'm saying it's like that episode of The Simpsons when Dolphins started walking on dry land and basically colonised planet earth. This is scary. This is your worst nightmare scary. I mean seriously. An army of human sized Pikachus march towards you in formation.

Do you...

a) Stand your ground. b) Approach and give them a vigorous pat on the head c) Run for your goddamn life

I'm going with option c) here. You can never be too safe.

(Apparently this is an advertisement for a new Pokemon movie and they are not actual real, life sized Pikachu. The world can breathe easy... for now.)


    How about 100 human sized Pikachus? This is bloody terrifying.This is Supanova a year or two ago. I lost count of how many people were in Pikachu onesies somewhere around the 70 mark. Terrifying indeed.

    It would be even more terrifying if they all marched towards you chanting "Pika Pi" in unison.

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