If Christopher Nolan Directed Pixar’s The Incredibles

If Christopher Nolan Directed Pixar’s The Incredibles

The Incredibles is already a dark movie at points — It deals with ideas of individuality and conformity, even if it is in a wacky cartoon shell. I’m just glad The Dark Knight director Chris Nolan didn’t get his hands on it.

In the video above, Youtuber Bobby Burns uses the deranged rantings of villain Syndrome to transform The Incredibles from a fun family romp into the bleak existential action flick it always wanted to be. All that is missing is Christian Bale’s hoarse, grizzled voice as Mr Incredible.

To be fair, at least it’s not as bad as Michael Bay directing Up.

Bobby Burns via Devour


  • Sooo, adding the opening titles & soundtrackalrs it directed by Nolan.
    They didn’t change a thing. :-/

    • I think you might be missing the point…

      The idea behind videos like these are that with a different edit you can drastically change the apparent tone of the movie, even suggesting it’s a completely different genre or auteur (Directorial) style.

      The changes that are made are in how it’s all edited together, though a change in soundtrack is generally also really needed to change the tone significantly.

      Videos like this are actually really great for learning film language and the importance of sound design, doubly so if you actually do it yourself.

      They’re great ways to get into editing too, feel free to try it yourself. It isn’t exactly difficult, but it does take a fair bit of work and an understanding of the underlying structure of what you’re creating.

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