If Tetris Were Made Out Of Pillows

If Tetris Were Made Out Of Pillows

Few things in video games are as mentally satisfying as the crunch of a Tetris piece falling right into place. That's makes this physics test infuriating.

Niko Schatz simulated what Tetris might look like if the tetrimos bounced liked inflatable pillows. Not only is it weird to see full lines forming without disappearing, but the pieces being out of alignment totally screws with my OCD. It's like watching the exact opposite of an ASMR video.

Good work. Now I'm going to go watch Tetris footage until my brain calms down.

Niko Schatz via r/videos


    That was incredibly satisfying. I would really like to know where the idea for this video came from.

    I always watch the video on Reddit and then see it here. Do you just get this stuff off Reddit? Because I feel like you just get this stuff off Reddit.

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