In Far Cry 4 The Story Is Yours To Create (And Keep)

I can't help but feel as though Far Cry 4 is flying under my radar for some reason, but God knows why — it's looking fantastic. The latest developer diary from Ubisoft focuses on the development of an open world, but it also features an Elephant charging through a door, a creepy ferret looking thing and a white tiger mauling some poor bastard.

Those are the things that stick out for, but more than anything the setting of Far Cry 4 is what intrigues me. In a lot of ways the environments have always been the star of Far Cry titles, and I'm loving the look of Nepal and how varied and interesting everything looks. The supernatural elements are also intriguing, and quite creative from a visual standpoint.

The idea of the open world in Far Cry 4 appears to be more flexible than in its predecessor, with the focus being on creating your own angles and progressing in your own way. That tends to be something developers always say when discussing any open world game, but there's a sense that folks behind Far Cry 4 want to push away from the more rigid mission structures of Far Cry 3 towards something a little more flexible.

I like that idea. I like what Dan Hay says as the beginning of the trailer, that the 360 degree approach allows you to create your own unique story; that the "anecdotes are yours". I think that's just about the most powerful thing an open world game can deliver to a player, the opportunity to create their own unique moments.


    God I cannot wait. Gonna take me down soooo many outposts.

    I loved Far Cry 2, I liked Far Cry 3 (but haven't finished it) - but Far Cry 3 like Watch_dogs was misrepresented (graphically wise) before launch, and both run like utter crap on PC. Far Cry 3 to this day still has issues for people. I can't buy into the hype, and I wont - it's the same with AC:U. I know Ubisoft isn't the developer for these games per se , but that's the brand associated with them, and now anything attached to that name is to be approached with caution. As a closing statement, devs have already said that The Division has already been graphically reduced in comparison to what they are showing the public.

      FC3 ran like a dream on my PC. Just sayin.

        Mine refused to run in DX11, but once I knocked it down to dx9 I had 40+ hours of pure gaming beauty. Great game!

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        Mine too. I was pretty unsure that my (oldish) pc would be able to handle it and it surpassed my hopes by a fair margin.

      Been replaying FC3 over the last few months and am having no problem with it at all.

      But yes, there are concerns over Ubi-soft. Although AC games have only had one stinker and that was story and pacing.

      What do you mean by "Ubisoft isn't the developer for these games per se"? Ubisoft Montreal is the lead development studio for both the Far Cry and Assassin's Creed franchises -- a studio wholly owned by Ubisoft.

      Since FC3 and Watch Dogs came out I no longer trust any prerelease footage or info I see. The Division looks like an amazing game to play and immerse yourself in. Not just because of the graphics but the co-op elements.
      It's a shame that it probably won't be anything like that when it comes out.

    not overly related to the article, but is there any word on how co-op is gonna be implemented?

    are you gonna have a constant NPC companion who you co-op partner takes control of?
    are there gonna be things you cannot do unless you have 2 players?

    I loved FC3's single player campaign for the freedom it offered. & at absolutely no point of the game did I think 'hey, you know what would make this better? co-op. I could really go for an idiot shooting me in the face every 3 seconds & talking shit & generally detracting from my overall experience.'

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      In the video, one of the devs says that when you invite a friend into your game all the single player mission markers turn off and only come back when they leave.

      I think what they're saying is that co-op play happens in the main map this time, rather than in a sequence of multi-player specific maps like it did in Far Cry 3.

        ah thanks. cant watch videos at work & I haven't seen it detailed anywhere else.

        so there'll be dedicated co-op missions in the single player world. good to know. I'm feeling a bit reassured & a bit hyped for this game now :D

        This sounds so neat. I loved Far Cry 3 so much, but it was like... my game, you know? I didn't want to play/share the whole thing with anyone else, so this is a good compromise. (I am such a jerk, haha.)




          edit: i'm much the same. nothing worse than having multiplayer jammed into a game that doesn't need it. (2013 Tomb Raider for example)

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    That creepy ferret looking thing looks like a Honey Badger.

      It is.. and Honey Badgers are awesomely clever, proof:

        I watched a doco on Nat Geo and the HB was killing cobras, sticking its face in bees nest and taking thousands of stings to get some honey, it also took on a Leopard and bested it, think I've also heard of them castrating Lions.

    Same creative director as Assassins Creed 3. Yup, definitely waiting for that one to go on sale.

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