It’s Easier To Bring A New-Gen Game To 360 Than PS3, Ubisoft Says

It’s Easier To Bring A New-Gen Game To 360 Than PS3, Ubisoft Says

Today Ubisoft announced that country-sized racer The Crew will be coming to Xbox 360 in addition to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PlayStation 3, however, has been left sputtering at the starting line. Fans aren’t pleased, but Ubisoft claims it’s much easier this way.

While Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are roughly comparable in terms of power, PS3 — at least in this case — is much tougher to develop for. Ubisoft, then, has decided to take the faster (and possibly more furious) route by focusing on a machine more attuned to The Crew‘s technical demands.

A Ubisoft rep explained to Kotaku:

“The Crew was originally built for the new generation of consoles, so when we made the decision to port it to the previous generation, we decided to focus solely on the platform closest to the new-gen’s technical infrastructure, which is the Xbox 360.”

“We are not currently working on a version for PS3 and are focused on delivering The Crew for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Xbox 360 simultaneously on November 11th.”

Sorry, PS3 owners. Them’s the breaks. I’m kinda surprised The Crew can run on a last-gen console at all given its seamless, multiple-city-spanning nature, so I guess technical issues were bound to flare up.

That said, I’ve asked Ubisoft for more specifics and if they’re considering doing a PS3 version in the future. I’ll update this post when I hear back.


  • Understandable. Developers has been saying this since the last generation of console that PS3 is hard to port to and they have issues pushing PS3 to the limit as they could not use the resources fully.

    Platinum Games was one of the studio that made that statement, discussing the issue they have with Bayonetta that was developed on Xbox and port to PS3 with frame rate issue and Vanquish that was developed on PS3 then port to Xbox with no issue.

  • It’s probably true but doesn’t help Ubisoft has a past of outright lying to consumers.

  • Id rather have no PS3 version then buy a shittily optimised PS3 version and be angry.

    Besides its almost a whole year into the new console generation, i think porting games for last gen isnt something that should be done anymore.

  • Kinda understandable.

    Arguably the PS3 is still harder to develop for… even after almost 8 years since it was released… OR they are just lazy.

    Arguably they know that they want to sell their game to people who own Xboxes and that there’s still a lot of Xbox 360 owners because the Xbone is selling poorly.

  • I don’t think any one wins with cross gen ports anymore.

    Last gen console players get a watered down game, that’s normally worse than most of the last gen games just because it’s not intended for the console. Current gen players get a game that’s held back in one form or another. Be that because of the added time of extra development, or hardware limitations.

    Because of these things all I have to say is: At least it’s only going to one of the last gen systems. I would prefer if it didn’t though. Current gen is held back, last gen is compromised.

  • Yeah, some of my friends working over at 2K Australia did nothing but bitch about the port work for the PS3 version of XCOM Declassified. Dat cell archietcture.

    • I have been long time friends with someone very high up at 2K in Canberra and he says the same thing. I make fun of it though and tell him to get the devs to man up like every other studio has. I am kidding of course.

    • Why? It can’t do what the PS3 can do yet. That’s what’s turned my “automatic 3 to 4” mates off. No USB support, no DLNA support, no PlayTo, all it does is play games and blurays.

      • All the Sony and/or racing fans that weren’t going to buy a PS4 because they could play DriveClub on their PS3, now might?

      • Come over to Xbox – we have those features now (or err in the next month I think!)

          • Think XBMC meets a DLNA server. You run the plex server, it manages all your media, including what you haven’t watched yet, etc, then you can use a plex client on your tablet/phone/tv device to watch your media in a rich library experience, with movies/series art, dvd cover art, theme music, and metadata. Also still has a DLNA server built in, so it can stream to dumb devices too.

          • So it is XBMC but works with a Xbox One legitimately rather than being for your HTPC or Hacked Xbox 1 (the original – see what I did there?) or am I way off?

          • Yea its more like a super/smart media server. I currently use it with a play to DLNA remote on my Xbox one, but we should have a beta app soon.

        • Lolz. Oh well, as soon as xbox gets them Sony will add them in to stay even like 3D blu-ray, so I hope MS hurries the **** up lol.

          • Yeah we can benefit from their pissing contest. Well not when it comes to Tomb Raider but everything else YEAH!

          • It’s just a pity that the competition seems to be the only thing driving them, so we get these periods of stale mate with Sony ever so lightly ahead, until Ms do something and Sony counter.

            But hey, it’s the same everywhere. Desktop graphics has been like that for years.

            As we say, at least we get the benefits most the time. Unless one is anti consumer with things like exclusive dlc and timed exclusives. But that’s part of the game, hopefully both companies will learn from the Tomb Raider/ Destiny bad publicity around the Web.

    • I seriously don’t think MS care about people buying a game on PS3 anymore.

      It’s honestly just because porting down to the 360 is hindering enough and that has similar architecture.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually don’t ‘want’ to make the 360 port either but have to for the bottom line.

  • I’m kinda surprised by this because the Crew was the one game revealed last year where I thought “that’s not possible on my 360” (specifically the gargantuan map size)

  • I thought this cold be the game I’m looking for in the Driving Genre, but I’m a little worried about it not being all it could since they are making a X360 version.

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