It's National Dog Day. Let's Celebrate Gaming's Greatest Canines.

It's National Dog Day. Let's Celebrate Gaming's Greatest Canines.

Today is the 10th annual National Dog Day in the US. And what better way is there to celebrate than by paying tribute to the gamer's best friend? Who is your favourite fictional dog from a video game, and why?

I'll get us started with the best video game dog ever — er, I mean, my personal favourite:


It's National Dog Day. Let's Celebrate Gaming's Greatest Canines.

Dog: Dogmeat

Game: Fallout series

Why the dog is great: The Fallout series is one of the most iconic post-apocalyptic settings in video games. I believe Dogmeat played a big part in shaping this fiction from the very outset. In the early games, he was pretty much the perfect sidekick: loyal, obedient, and not quite as prone to blocking your passage through a doorway as many of the other party members you could pick up along the way to defeating the super mutants were.

Dogmeat's role in Fallout goes deeper than something purely functional, however. His staid presence reinforced the feeling of isolation that pervaded the entire world. Fallout has always been a desolate, moody universe. But the first two games were particularly barren simply because very few characters had any spoken dialogue. Dogmeat was the most silent of all — which makes sense, because he's a dog. He wasn't there to question your decisions, to actively support you or offer a dissenting opinion. He was just there. By following you so dutifully (until he accidentally brushed up against one electric force field or another, which he always seemed to do), he reflected the bizarre nihilism of Fallout's world back to player. Plus, he's pretty darn cute in Fallout 3.

It's National Dog Day. Let's Celebrate Gaming's Greatest Canines.

Dogmeat is great and all, but he's just one in a long line of amazing characters. There are plenty of other dogs of all shapes and sizes. I mean: as much as I love the Dogmeat, I still haven't seen him single-handedly (single-pawedly?) take out a helicopter like Riley did in Call of Duty. Tell us about your favourite video game dog in the comments below, and please include an image or video of the canine in question.

Have fun, and a happy National Dog Day to all!


    How about gaming dogs that could have been?

    Amaterasu. No question.


      I would wait until my dog was int he room and then spam that button. He would then go looking for the dog he could hear out the back.
      I would wait for him to come back in and then I spam spam the button again. Rinse and repeat.
      Never got old!

    This guy.

    The dog companion in the first Dragon Age. I liked having him along more than most of those guys. And the dog in Okami.

      I tried to keep the Mabari for as long as I could too, but he just got a bit useless after awhile. Also no matter how many presents I gave him, I just couldn't get the sex scene dialogue to initiate. ;)



      The pigeon hole principle tells you that if there are more than 365 causes that need awareness, at least two will have to share a day. I guess hamburgers and dogs aren't important enough to have their own day.

    I was waiting to see a write up on the last Call of Duty. O_o

    Due to the influence of other pop culture, Seymour is the Fallout dog that I most remember:

    Because of my love for FFVI, shout out to mah dawg, Interceptor.

    Out of the limited games I've played, the only dog that springs to mind is Fable 3's canine companion.

    At the end of the game, it was an obvious decision for me to choose the option to save his life over fame/fortune.

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    Dog from Halflife 2 FTW

    And Chitzkoi from Red Alert, you know, the loveable dog that could leap across the screen in one move and kill a man.

    Last edited 27/08/14 1:07 pm

      Seriously, I had so much fun playing catch with him when you get the Gravity Gun. The physics of it was mind blowing at the time. And then when he also throws a car with you inside it...

    Oh, and if you're just talking canines then Fox McCloud must count, right? And/or Wolf I guess.

    Also, this guy:

      Yep, I'd go Growlithe/Arcanine as my top game 'dogs' even though they're Pokemon. So much love for them :D

        I just realised used to have all dogs in my Pokemon arsenal... Growlithe/Arcanine, Alakazam, Lucario, some version of Eevee....that dark dog with the skull on his head whatever his name is?


    You've clearly stated that you have a favourite gaming dog right at the start of the article! I cannot believe this! This is just another example of corruption in video games journalism!

    My problem with Fallout 3's dog was I liked him too much but he was a little unpredictable and entirely mortal. I asked him to stay at my player house for the entire game after he died in the wasteland and I had to reload a save and fast travel and leave him safely behind as my guard dog.

    I totally wouldn't have thought there were as many game dogs I'd be familiar with as I've ended up with.

    Remember the rumours about laser dogmeat? That stuff was great.

    Dogmatix from the bonus level of Asterix on Sega Master System. So cute to see him wagging his tail as he jumped on giant bubbles to burst them for extra points

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    This guy, rocket boots, cannons and a tank armour?

    Also special mention to these guys who go unnoticed

      Ugh, how could I forget Lupus >_<

      Also the brave doggie that had to give up his body for you at the beginning of Space Station Silicon Valley.

    God, I was SO gutted when Dogmeat died in my Fallout 3 playthrough. Stupid autosave... And then I was SOOOO happy about the Dogmeat's Puppies perk in New Vegas, hahah.

    The dog in Valiant Hearts was really lovely. Any game with a button to pet the dog <3

    Repede, from Tales of Vesperia. Smoked a pipe, dammit !

      Haha, I was hoping for someone to mention him. Best dog ever!

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