It’s Raining Cars, Hallelujah

Road Redemption, the Kickstarted spiritual successor to damn near legendary motorcycle racer Road Rash, has a mode where cars just continuously rain from the sky while you’re driving. Seriously.

Truth be told, I’d sort of been steering clear of this one after its first footage looked a bit bland and uninspired, but this is the kind of rampant silliness I can totally get behind. The video comes to us courtesy of Rock Paper Shotgun, who also captured some of the (still in early access alpha) game’s more spectacular crashes.

Oh, and then there’s this bit from RPS preview, which has me thinking I’ll almost certainly dive (or hurtle, arms and legs flailing every which way, as it were) into this one over the weekend:

“The combination of metal mangling at speed and body-hurling absurdity means the best description of Road Redemption (other than ‘it’s Road Rash, stupid’) is perhaps Michael Bay Remakes Wile E. Coyote. (And he probably will eventually, you know). Fortunately, the Roadrunner sensibility definitely wins out over the dead-eyed vehicle porn sensibility. We’re supposed to be laughing all the time, I think.”

Yeah, I can dig it. And seriously: car rain. CAR RAIN. Video games have finally jumped the shark, but I’m surprisingly OK with that.


    • I always remember the review of the Morris Marina. “The only car ever made that actively tries to kill you”.
      Man that thing was a piece of crap.
      But if they rained from the sky, I guess the original review would be twice as apt.

  • Driver 2 had car rain in Chicago, all you had to do to trigger it is jump the bridge at high speed when it goes up and bail form the car just before you hit the ground.

    This looks fun though. Not enough games make use of it’s own content, in this case vehicle damage modelling and smashing, of course it took an indie developer to undercut the industry with this kind of thinking.
    Hopefully major developers learn from this – unfortunately almost every game nowadays has this thing where you see something great that took a long time to code only for it happen or be possible once, or barely at all.

  • I’ve purchased the alpha and this is INCREDIBLY fun. Lacking content at the moment, but that’s to be expected. However, the controls are phenomenal, especially taking into consideration the early state of things. There’s a big update planned for September 15th (provided development stays on track), with the devs promising over 4x the current content. At the moment, it’s an 8-stage loop, but it’s so much fun, I’ve played it over many times already. The C4 and Dynamite weapons are brilliant fun to use! 😀

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