Joe Danger Coming To PS Vita

Briefly: The whacky indie side-scroller Joe Danger is coming to the PS Vita on September 2, Sony just announced. Anyone who owns the console and loves games about daredevils and/or Sonic the Hedgehog should definitely check it out.


    Ooh this is going to be so good for Vita. It's a great game.

      Agreed... I loved it on PS3. Never did finish it. I wonder if this is cross-buy? Although the article linked there says it's free on PS+ for the US, so maybe we'll get it free, too.

        Cross-buy is SO great. It's one of the best things about having a Vita :D

    This game is the reason there is still a little part of me which is skeptical about No Mans Sky..... It's just such a huge departure from Joe Danger, I've yet to see evidence they can truly pull it all off.

    [For the record, I HUGELY hope that they can :p ]

    This is the first time in a long time I have been excited about a game coming to Vita.... mainly because games just don't seem to come to Vita, but this game actually looks like it will be fun.

    On a different subject, how does the whole sharing games between PS4 and Vita go? Might be the reason I buy a PS4 instead of an XBone.

    I think the biggest news that you forgot to add was that it will be free when it launches on PS Plus next month -

    How come his brother, Carlos Danger, is such a douche bag? ...

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