Just In Case You Want To Watch Microsoft's GamesCom Conference...

You can click here. It's kicking off now.


    What can we expect to see here that they wouldn't have shown at E3, mere months ago?

      I don't know, them banging on about how Halo isn't dead and that the Master Chiefs Collectors edition is coming out later this year?

    So far pretty boring, all about FIFA 15, as the great Robin Williams once described it, "a strange sport played by damaged people" :P

    Quote of the stream: "First to 'console' on Xbox One".

      Better to be this specific rather then be vague and then be called a liar when it releases on PC first.

      Overall a solid conference. Quantum Break shows much potential - I think Remedy will pull it off yet again.

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    give us some better news like when is sony conference on

    So the exclusive game they hinted at was a game that had already been announced. The way Microsoft sits on Rare licences, it's as if they just hate money. All they need to say is Banjo, and its a console seller.

      I think you mean Conker.

        Banjo was on xbox. Conker is associated with Nintendo. So... I'm guessing he did mean Banjo.

          Are you sure that Nintendo owns Conker still? They did that remake on XBox and he's also in Project Spark.

          Edit: Also, if they were to make a new Banjo game and it was anything like the last one, I wouldn't want it.

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            Idk if they own it. All I meant was xbox owners normally ask for Banjo.

              Microsoft do own Conker. There was a sequel for the 360 in the works by Rare, but MS cancelled it and made them make a Perfect Dark reboot which was also cancelled after that.

              Yeah, Rare's a trainwreck now.

    The new Tomb Raider is xbox one exclusive. All I have to say is that that sucks for everyone.

    Not only is it not as good for xbox owners as getting a new exclusive, but players on other systems that helped the game (and series in fact) become what it is cant play the new one just because someone through money at them.

    I'm not hating on xbox, everyone hates exclusives and, even more, payed exclusives and, EVEN MORE, payed exclusives that were multiplatform before.

    Edit. I'm almost in shock. Everyone just ends up feeling blind sided. A game that's been on PlayStation (and pc) since the ps1 and tomb raider 1. Just 'poof' payed exclusive. And I'm sure some xbox fans were hoping for a new ip and not this.

    On one had I can understand 1st party exclusives. They still suck but the studio is owned by the publisher/manufacturer. But this is a title that many grew up with on many systems!

    But at least xbox owners still get to play it.

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      What about Bayonetta 2? If it wasn't for Nintendo throwing money at it it never would've got made.

        How is tomb raider like bayonetta?

          It's a title that was previously multi-platform, that is now exclusive to one platform.

            Tomb Raider was not in funding hell. It's tomb raider.

            I can totally underetard (*understand) bayonetta, even though it still sucks that it's exclusive, but this is a completely different thing.

            I'm not trying to undermine your point, just pointing out that there is a huge difference between 'saving' a doomed project and buying a popular games sequel.

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              I agree, it's absolute bullshit. Sony did the same thing with GTA: San Andreas, I was pretty pissed off that I couldn't play it for like six months, because they paid for exclusivity.

                I just. Idk. I played them all. Most on the ps2. The rest on pc and ps3/4. This will be the first one I can't buy. I feel like their fans matter nothing. I don't know if I want to buy it, even if I could.

                  Money talks my friend, money talks.

                  The bigwigs care about the bottom line, not fans.

            It differs by sheer fact there was no funding for Bayonetta 2, implying the first didn't sell enough. Nintendo approached them to fund the game. Basically, if there's anyone to blame for Bayonetta 2 being exclusive, blame the so called "core" gamers and their shitty taste in games.

            Tomb Raider sold 6 million copies.

      I'm hoping it's only a timed exclusive because I'll be quite unhappy if it doesn't come on PC. The reboot was very good, and limiting the sequel to just one console is just ugh.

        Well. They said it's not timed. But they always say that.

          I'm just grasping at straws at him saying exclusive this holiday season heh.

            I just don't know if I should feel sad or P.O. I grew up with tomb raider on pc and then on Ps. I supported the franchise, with many others. Loved the last one. Got it on pc and ps4. Just. Wow. Dick move.

              I'm willing to bet sales will be nowhere near the amount they want or need, I just don't see the Xbox demographic buying it (exceptions aside of course). So unless the cheque was big enough to cover the entirety of development then yeah heh.

                Ironically, I think the guardian of light sequel will have better sales now.

              @outatime: No offense but you were a paying customer. Some would say that is all; arguably, you didn't support the franchise - you were just a customer.

                I know. That doesn't change how I, and looking around the Web, many others feel.

                Edit: Go check out the comments on articles on sites like eurogamer. I'm not alone, and for good reasons.

                Not to mention paying customers are the biggest influence in the success of a product and possible sequels.

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          Well that didn't take long, there's already a petition up.


          Pretty much this. When it underperforms on XBO we'll see it rushed out onto PC and PS4 in a 'game of the year' edition.

    I think we should all just make sure any time someone says "exclusive" no one claps. It's a dirty word now.

    Yet again was only excited for Sunset Overdrive, and couple of the indie games. The Tomb Raider announcement angered me more than anything.

    EDIT: and considering how the definitive edition of the reboot sold on PS4 was twice that of the Xbox... yeah I'm a little baffled. Also, Tomb Raider continues to sell on Steam during sales.

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    My little theory about Tomb Raider is that they'd started to develop the sequel anticipating the first game would be a smash hit, but when it "wasn't" they panicked (maybe they needed the first game's sales to pay for the second?), but Microsoft stepped in to foot the development bill ala Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo. And the reason they didn't mention this at E3 was because that could undercut PS4 sales of the Definitive Edition (because who wants to buy a game when they know they can't play the sequel?). Just my 2c conspiracy theory.

      I'm not so sure. I think the game did well. From wiki:

      The game had sold more than 1 million copies in less than forty-eight hours of its release.[105] In the United Kingdom, Tomb Raider debuted at number one on the charts

      And even if it didn't, partnering with Microsoft wouldn't add up, considering that if you check the sales it sold more than double on PlayStations compared to xbox. And xbox one sold the worst right under pc.

      The chart was ps3, 360 (with just over half the amount of ps3 sales) then ps4, pc then x1.

      Not a good plan for a game that didn't do well enough, if that's true.

    Tomb Raider was annoying news, but for sure it will come to PS4 and PC when sales are low. The next annoying thing about the xbox conference was all that pre-order crap. Day 0? really!!

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