Just When You Thought Netflix Worked Fine, Along Comes The Oculus Rift

Just When You Thought Netflix Worked Fine, Along Comes The Oculus Rift

Get ready. When the Oculus Rift really hits it big, there'll be loads of things that you do now very quickly and very easily that will suddenly become very hard, because the Oclus Rift will make it hard. Your Facebook jokes have been done to death, but let's not forget the danger facing other services like Netflix.

This mock-up vid was made as a concept by Netflix to explore how the headset could interact with their library. It takes Netflix's biggest current problem - the way it almost forces you to endlessly browse through tabs - and just makes it worse.

Thanks the Maker it's just a concept. A more useful interface might be a screen telling the user to take off the goggles and watch your stuff on TV.

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    Not if you live in Australia..

      Very very easy to do. I'll be on it soon! Just waiting 3-4 months for internet upgrade. Will give my chromecast a real workout.

    Luke - Have you tried VR Cinema on the Rift?

    Why watch content on your TV when you can watch it on a cinema sized screen in the Rift. Granted the resolution is not up to par on the dev kits yet but this is a concept...

      I can get behind making a big screen, but the part this is focusing on is like making you go swimming to do something a neatly organised list and a mouse will do in half a second. Just because it's VR doesn't mean you have to structure your files like a swamp. =P

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        Yeah, this is just turning into a gimmick instead of putting in some real thought and making something innovative.

      I for one have used VR Cinema with a Rift, yes the resolution is an issue, but holy cow it's amazing.

    Dear kotaku, do not post articles on netflix in australia because this country hasn't got this video streaming service yet. I mean posting netflix articles on kotaku aus is insane due to the makers of the service REFUSE to stream it in aus.
    From someone who is angry of the lack of netflix

      There is a work around. I live in NZ and have set up a vpn and watch netflix through a laptop connected to my tv via hdmi. I have also installed a vpn on my ipad and opened a us itunes a/c to down load the app. All works very well and i only pay about $9/month NZD. There are plenty of videos on youtube on how to set this all up. I used some from pivlatman.

      It's possible (if you use Chrome), to install a completely free extension called Hola, which reroutes your IP address and tricks any website into thinking you're from whatever country gives you access to the content.
      You can then subscribe to Netflix for the $8/month or whatever and voilĂ ! Unlimited Netflix streaming unlocked!

      They do not refuse to stream it to Australia. They happily do it. They do a little geo check (easy to bypass, multiple articles about it) then they will stream directly to you. They only care about the check, not where they stream to.

      Recent stats say about 200,000 Australians have Netflix. It's not hard to get it.

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