Keep The Space Games Coming, World, Keep The Space Games Coming

Keep The Space Games Coming, World, Keep The Space Games Coming

Paradox, you had me at “single-player, real-time strategy title that puts the player in command of a fleet”.

Ancient Space is being developed by Creative Forge games, and looks just like the kind of game I would be complaining that nobody is making except, well, someone is making this one.

And yes, the narrator of the trailer (and “star” of the game) is Dina Meyer, aka the red-head from Starship Troopers.


  • Joystiq article reckons no official release date, but, ‘barring catastrophe’ a planned Fall2014 release date, meaning our Spring. Not bad!

      • It does, but that may be because we’ve been programmed to expect 1.5-2yr hype cycles for games which we eventually get bored of before they’ve even been released. (Watch Dogs, anyone?) Paradox isn’t in that same huge AAA space as the main culprits of hype-saturation, so hopefully they’ve done something really cool by announcing something when it’s almost ready to go, instead of drip-feeding us everything there is to know about the game in advance.

        (Edit: That, or ‘this Fall’ is a product of excessive optimism and/or Chinese whispers.)

  • I’ve had a gaming itch that hasn’t been scratched in awhile and that is space RTS. Gimme gimme.

  • A company that has made so many games that I loved, renowned for complex, difficult and deep gameplay mechanics in the strategy genre.

    Making a space strategy game reminiscent of the great Homeworld, but set with new story as opposed to a plain remake or the never-ending line of sequels (like most of the the industry)

    Where do I sign up ^_^

  • Logo looks exactly like Endless Space (slight variation on the semi circle angle). Which incidentally has a very similar title…
    But looks good game wise.

  • Why cant someone try and make a more newtonian physics reality based starship battle game. Battles should take place at huge distances and take light speed into account for the tactics – eg time delays etc – like they really would.
    Heck they can just rip David Weber, Jack Campbell or Evan Currie books for a few ideas ffs.
    This just looks like another boring clone.

    • You my friend, need to play Space Engineers, FreeSpace, FreeSpace 2, Shattered Horizon to name a few.

      All Newtonian Physics space games.

    • It’d definitely wanna be a RTS-style thing. IWAR tried it for the flight-sim type, and while novel, interesting, it was also frustrating as hell.

    • Because it is frustrating and boring for the most part.
      We got about 70% through developing a game very similar to what you just laid out, but no-one enjoyed it.
      Most games are either like Star Wars, i.e. WW2 aircraft style battles, like the new BSG, very busy with high maneuverability and missles, or like the old Star Trek games with limited shields and torpedos, effectively an artillery game with other stuff thrown in.
      The reason is that it is fun, and adrenaline filled, and makes sense to our brains which are brought up with relatively low speed physics in our environment.
      (Just to be pedantic, Newtonian physics wouldn’t take time dilation etc. into account)

      With things like massive distances and light-speed capabilty, combat effectively becomes either close to impossible, or detached, time consuming and rather dull. We tried a bunch of different things out, but it all play tested poorly, both with the play-testers and the internal dev teams.
      I’m still up for it as a concept though, if you can spell out how to make it work as a game, and be more enjoyable than, say, using Microsoft Excel, then I’d be keen to try and make it work.

  • No good space games have been released since FTL, maybe Endless Space? I want these games to stop ‘coming’ and start BEING. Until then its a waste of time thinking about them.

  • I had in mind a mix of long range realtime combined with exaggerated fast pace fighter capital ship encounters.
    Where say, instead of an RTS style of base building and resource gathering 60 mins before engagement that aspect is translated into long rage fleet planning, deployments.
    auto plan could placate the impatient people. Better if control is on a virtual bridge and all engineering aspects delegated., with zero gui.

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