LA Cops Is Like A Strategic Hotline Miami

LA Cops is Like a Strategic Hotline Miami

I'm thoroughly aware that I'm in the minority here, but I find Hotline Miami's delirious neon-drenched hyper-violence kinda off-putting. I could do without hearing the squish and crunch and splatter of blood and bone.

LA Cops does a similar thing - it's a top-down shooter where you infiltrate buildings and clear them of bad guys, perhaps destroying some servers or documents whilst you're there - but it's couched in a colourful, '70s cop-show aesthetic that, to me at least, makes the cartoon violence rather more palatable.

In LA Cops you're always working with a partner, switching between the two archetypal cop-fiction characters that you select before heading out on a mission. As long as your partner has ammo, they can cover their immediate vicinity, so if a bad guy comes bursting through a door they will automatically take shots and bring them down.

It means that LA Cops has a strong tactical element as well as reaction-based shooting - leaving your partner to stand guard at strategic junctures can thin out the goon population, but if they run out of ammo or are approached from an unexpected angle whilst you're in another room, you've left them exposed.

Let one cop die, and the game gets a lot more difficult with just one left - then it really is all about shooting anything that moves. Turns out there's a reason that cops run in pairs. Every cop will have their own individual story, told in flashy-looking 3D cutscenes; not all of them are good guys, it turns out, surprising nobody who has ever watched a cop drama.

LA Cops is on Steam Early Access for $US11.99 right now, with one multi-stage level ready to go - the full version will be ready later this year, and will have eight levels and plenty more features than the build I played. I think it's promising, and worth an early punt if you're into the kind of cop-fiction and cop-action that it captures so well.

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    LA Cops is a homage to Hotline Miami
    Hotline Miami is a homage to Drive
    Drive is a homage to The Driver/Thief
    The Driver is a homage to Le Samourai
    Thief is based on the book The Home Invaders which is based on the writer's life as a jewel thief

      Jean-Pierre Melville directed Le Samourai
      Jean-Pierre Melville also directed Les Enfants terribles
      Les Enfants terribles is the military program that created Solid and Liquid Snake.

      I can go on and connect Jean-Pierre Melville to Herman Melville to Moby Dick to Moby Dick Studios (fake studio for MGS5)

        All the people involved enjoyed cake....
        The cake is a lie...

      his life as a jewel thief only came about due to parental neglect.
      this story of parental neglect was made into a movie by chris columbus called Home Alone.
      Home Alone stared macauly culkin.
      in the future, a cyborg will be sent back in time to kill a young macauly culkin.
      that cyborgs name..... Jeffrey.
      Jeff would go on to open up a successful chain of noodle take away shops in california in the late 90's after his mission is terminated.
      those noodle take away stores were frequented by danny glover.
      danny glover starred in the leathel weapon franchise and stated "he's too old for this sh*t"
      the relationship of riggs and murtaugh in lethal weapon would be inspiration for the relationship of the two main cops in LA COPS.


    I hear the original title of this game was Badge Patrol.

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