Lara Croft's Mansion Remade In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Lara Croft's mansion is among some of the most memorable gaming areas ever created. How would you like to transport that area into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? "Sure," I hear you chanting in unison. "That's a great idea."

(I think I'm suffering from some sort of mental illness.)

Anyway... modder VeXXSie has put together this remarkably detailed interpretation of the Tomb Raider mansion, melding the most memorable parts of the mansion from Tomb Raider 2 and 3 into one brilliant put together map.

The attention paid to the mansion's little details and easter eggs is astounding, and clearly the work of someone heavily invested in the original Tomb Raider games. Over 200 custom made textures feature in the map. Pretty incredible.

Via VG247


    Welcome back to my humble abode, feel free to take a look around.

    did they make the switch in the attic that activates the secret door under the staircase? the one where you need to be really fast to get to before the door opens?

    Can I still shoot the butler?

      so much nostalgia haha when i was a little kid all i did was run around the mansion

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