Live-Action Silent Hills Teaser Also Has A Twist Ending

Believe me, you really won’t see it coming — for better or worse.

That was actually pretty impressive right up until, er, that ending. Captured P.T.‘s sickly, skeletal atmosphere nicely. Of course, I suppose it’s not all that hard to walk around your house with a camera strapped to your head and then edit P.T.‘s visual/sound effects over it, but still. This is neat. I like neat things.

For those just joining us, P.T. — a demo that’s proven to be one of the most unique horror games in ages — had a twist ending of its own. It was quite a shocker.


  • So, I’m at work so I can’t watch this, so I thought, “Ooh, I’ll use the scroll feature to find out… ”

    Womp womp. Pretty silly. Pop Tarts are disgusting, haha.

  • Meh. Played the real one 3 days already still could not trigger 2nd baby laugh. I have no mic making it hard to do.

    • Same here, still couldn’t get it with the mic. Tried for a good few hours following different / slightly similar walkthroughs. Plus it was just making it creepier having to keep saying ‘hello Lisa’ ‘help me Lisa’.

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