Looks Like Sleeping Dogs Is Coming To Xbox One/PS4

Looks Like Sleeping Dogs Is Coming To Xbox One/PS4

A new Amazon listing may have ruined a Square Enix surprise announcement that the open-world game Sleeping Dogs will come to PS4 and Xbox One this October.

Amazon's got it at $US60. October 14. Seems like this version includes all the DLC, too.

We've reached out to Square for comment and will update if/when they confirm this thing.

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    New trend: Just remake all old games for new gen. We're now Hollywood and ran out of ideas.

    Back in my day, consoles had backwards compatibility.

    As stupid as this sounds I hope this leads to sleeping dogs 2. Because I love the first one.


      Not stupid at all. A lot of people want Sleeping Dogs 2 myself included. This may be to refresh the brand for an upcoming sequel who knows.

      It says on the pic "rebuilt for next gen consoles" so there is a good chance they ported over the assets to a new engine that they are building the sequel on.

    This game was amazing. All the people complaining about how disappointed you were with Watch Dogs, go buy this, best open world game made story-wise

      Definitely. If you were disappointed by the Watch Dogs driving mechanics, Sleeping Dogs gets it right. The most fun I've had driving in a game.

    Hmm looks like I already have this as a free game on the 360. Still, great game!

      I have this for free on Ps3 and got it free with my Gpu on pc. Same with tombrader and half these other remasterings. I got most of them free or $5 in a steam sale.

        I don't have tomb raider so I will be getting the repaint of that but not much else yet...

    Half book, half game case things are the worst!

    Loved this game but just doesnt seem worth it after getting the 360 version for free

    the PC version was and is stunning even with a couple of years of age, it'll be interesting to see how the consoles stack up in comparison.

      Well the PC version has the optional high resolution texture pack, which would be at least half of what this version is offering.

    The PC version has been like 2 dollars on steam

    It's an amazing game, but I won't be buying it again. There's a handful of games I'd rebuy. (Uncharted/The Last of Us/Heavy Rain/etc.) It'd be too dangerous to get ALL the games I loved again.

    I played it on PC so it already looked pretty swell. I wonder if the PS4 version will just bring it up to that standard or go beyond it.

      That was my first reaction. I have the PC version too btw.
      It says in the pic "rebuilt for next gen" so I am leaning towards the engine for the sequel is being used at least - if there is a sequel.

        I think it runs on the revamped engine like Tomb Raider was.

    I missed this the first time around, so happy it is getting a new release.

    Might have to wait till 2015 to pick this one up...putting it right in the middle of October is sending it to die.

    I already bought this game, and the DLC, and played the shit out of it. As much as I want to support the franchise (and as much as I loved the game) I'm not sure if I can justify buying it a second time unless there's some new content. I hope there's some extra info in the official announcement, like they tied up a couple of the unfinished storylines or fleshed out the love interest sidequests or something. Seriously, give me an excuse to buy this game again and I will.

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    I said this yesterday but still not quite sure why I have a PS4 if all that I'm going to get this year is HD remasters and last-gen rereleases.

    Am I the only one that did not like Sleeping Dogs? The fighting mechanics is excellent but other than that it felt like a average (below average even) open world game to me.

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