Looks Like Swing Copters Just Got A Helluva Lot Easier

Precisely one day after I wrote a whole article praising it for its refusal to bow down and be accessible, Swing Copters has just one ahead and invalidated every word I wrote with an update that removes a whole lot of difficulty from the game. Goddamn it!

The changes as far as I can tell revolve around a slight tightening of the loose 'swing' movement, and larger gaps between obstacles, making it easier to prepare yourself. These sound like subtle changes, but if you've spent any amount of time with the game, there's a pretty significant update.


It's not that I enjoy games with artificially increased difficulty levels, more that the difficulty was sort of the defining aspect of Swing Copters. It felt rewarding to have progress come in short bursts, to really have to earn it. I felt like Swing Copters' difficulty was a bit of a bold statement, now it feels like an oversight.

Don't get me wrong: Swing Copters is still 'fun'. It's still engaging and rewarding, but it just lost a small part of its lustre for me. I guess that makes me some sort of weird stupid elitist.


[Goes back to playing Swing Copters]


    I just downloaded the game it is still stupid hard. I dunno man... I already hate it.

    Last edited 26/08/14 1:25 pm

    Wait so it was harder than this?

    Damn son. I love it already. Wish they didn't decrease the difficulty. Need that challenge!

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