Lupin The Third Turned Into An All-Women’s Musical

Lupin The Third Turned Into An All-Women’s Musical

Japan’s legendary all-women theatrical company the Takarazuka Review is bringing Lupin The Third to the stage. For 100 years, the Takarazuka Review has been entertaining Japanese audiences. The group is comprised solely of women performers, playing both the male and female roles.

The Review was even influential on Osamu Tezuka, Japan’s “god of manga”, who grew up in the city of Takarazuka and often incorporated gender-bending characters into his stories.

The Lupin musical is titled Lupin The Third: Chase After the Queen’s Necklace! and will be performed by the company’s “Snow Troupe“. It will star Seina Sagiri as Lupin and will open on January 1.

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You might be familiar with the Takarazuka Review from their musical versions of Phoenix Wright. In case you missed it, you can read Kotaku’s reviews of the first, second and third Phoenix Wright musicals.

ルパン三世 ―王妃の首飾りを追え!― [Hankyu]


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