Man, This Guy Is Pissed At Madden

Few things in life give me joy like watching a friend lose it because of a video game glitch. This guy, however, takes it to the next level.

Watch as Nflpanthers07media flips out over a Madden play gone horribly wrong and starts screaming. To be fair, I'd be pissed too — the physics and the call were both total bull.

I wonder if these dudes hang out with the Snorlax Owns dudes.

Disclaimer: according to the description, this video is a reupload. Counterpoint: it's funny.

Why Madden Sucks (original) via r/Madden, r/videos


    Lol I know right ? Aussies are very reserved and not like this at all.

    His voice is Maddening.

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