Mario Kart 8's DLC Is So Gross

Mario Kart 8's DLC Is So Gross

That weird Mercedes DLC for Mario Kart 8 is out at the end of the month. And yeah it's not pretty.

We initially thought there was going to be one real car made available for the game, but there are actually three. Which gives Nintendo/Mercedes enough cars to make a trailer.

WARNING: sensitive readers are advised that the trailer below features scenes of a deeply distressing nature.


    Oh *yuck* Money troubles or something Nintendo? Come on you can do much better...

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    The only type of DLC I want to see are track packs - and even so, I don't want to see them for a while.
    Or, obviously, a completely re-worked Battle Mode which doesn't suck. And is free.

      Don't tell me this is a paid DLC ... It's like paying to play an advertisement .

      god battle mode sucks so hard. Was awesome on N64, that's the last one I played lol.

        Double Dash's Battle Mode was awesome too. I spent untold hours playing that with a mate. The DS one was very decent, although admittedly it didn't quite have the same level of polish.
        Which made the mess they made of it in MK8 all the more difficult to stomach.

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          If only they'd just taken the battle mode maps from previous games and put them in, not even needing to tweak them, it would be better than what we got. I've had the game since launch and haven't launched battle mode even once, just due to what everyone said about it.

            I've had one go, and it really is that bad. I wouldn't rush to try it out.

    *is stunned by an ACTUAL ye olde f1 car* people do you know what nintendo is trying to do, it is trying to get peoples reaction of having ACTUAL cars in mario kart. I mean this is a an experiment to see how we react to having sports cars in this type of game. Plus if it is successful, we could be driving future supercars on rainbow road, I mean this dlc is thee closest that we could get to having actual cars firing over the top weapons ala james bond

      In my opinion, licensed cars have no place in the Mushroom Kingdom. Is Mario going to run past a big Coke sign in World 1-1 of the next platformer? Will there be a Hogwarts level in Super Smash Brothers? Will Link go to Coles to buy his next 20 bombs?
      That's how jarring I find this "DLC". Leave this kind of thing to titles which have a contextual basis for real world branding.

        Of the three, the current model SUV is probably the only worry, that's the one that seems to be testing the waters. The other two are classics and I have no problem with them.

          And I get that there's appeal in driving these sorts of cars, regardless of the format. I've drooled over dream cars and spent hours racing them in Gran Turismo, and I didn't mind at all that there was a Red Bull can on the stage in Guitar Hero 3. Sports games look more like televised sports games when advertisements line the side of the court / field / rink.
          My thing is that Nintendo's worlds are designed for escapism; their first party content underneath the Mario umbrella in particular. Their games reflect the real world but, as far as the characters living within them are concerned, the "real world" doesn't exist. It's never invaded one of their golf games, or got in the way of Samus knocking Luigi three quarters into the horizon after a well-timed charge up. And I like it that way. To see licensed cars in a Mario Kart game - to see the "real world" - just strikes me as non-contextual and extremely odd. Even if no money has changed hands, that's just odd.

      Jesus christ how many tinfoil hats do you have?

    Yeah - nice work marketing. The first thing I think of when I think mariokart audience, is Mercedes.

    Nah guys this is kinda dumb in a great way. (also yes it is free)

      Yeah, i don't understand all the fuss here; I think that those cars look hilariously out of place, and that's why it's so great!

    Licensed cars in Mario Kart? Are you kidding? This is my DREAM!

    Oh look, a cameo by "car" from Monopoly!

    I feel indifferent about this.. because I'll never be using these cars.

    it's free, complaints seem unwarranted for something free and ultimately your choice to download.

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    I don't see the problem it's free and seemingly optional to download, what am I missing?

      Nintendo are selling out.

        You're acting as if Nintendo has ever been anything but a company that sells things.

          It's just disappointing to see them begging for cash like this.

    I thought Nintendo wanted to keep their games pure? That was their reason for not going multi-platform...

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    Speak for yourself, I don't have a problem with free shit.

    I was raised to believe that Mercedes were the cars of the Nazis, and I hate Nazis (and by extension everything related to Mercedes). I know I'm invoking Godwin's Law - but yeah... Nazis.

    I thought this was based off the Japanese Mercedes commercial?

    I think it's good that they are trying something new. Don't like it? Don't get it.

    Wait... this is real? I thought it was some youtuber CGI'd joke. c.c

    I might be the one person in the universe that thinks this is kinda cool.

    This doesn't upset me at all. It's not really my thing but I'm guessing some people might find this cool. They aren't charging for it (so there's "value") and it definitely isn't something they cut out of the original game, as far as I'm concerned it's DLC done right.

    If it means that the money that Nintendo is getting from Mercedes will help fund Mario Kart 9 then it really doesn't bother me. Nintendo is a bussiness and needs to make money you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you don't like it don't download it. It annoyed me to no end that my ps3 has singstar permanently on the xmb without my permission but in the long run it really doesn't matter.

    The F1 car looks right at home and the sports sedan is not that jarring, but the SUV is an abomination. I seriously hope they are not any better than the other kart bodies.

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