Maybe This Hand-Drawn Mass Effect 3 Box Art Is The Best One

Maybe This Hand-Drawn Mass Effect 3 Box Art Is The Best One

It's always a bit difficult to gauge the legitimacy of such things, e.g. whether a store employee stuck this on this GameStop shelf just long enough to take a picture or whatever. Either way I'm amused by this ugliness, as a Mass Effect guy.

Would I use this over the FemShep one, though? Eh.

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    is it sad that I get the reference straight away?

    69.95 pre-owned!?

    and people thought EBgames was ripping us off...

    (yes, I know that symbol isn't a 6, I'm being a smartass)

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      That 6 is a euro sign dude

      oops! saw the edit too late XD

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      I think thats a Euro symbol - not a 6, otherwise the full retail price (On the shelf below) is 634, and that just doesnt seem right

      The sad thing that in Australia, it is on shelves for $69.95 >_>

        When I looked it up, pre-owned was like, 15 bucks.

          I've seen Dead Space one preowned for $60 so I am sure I could find it somewhere.. Probably not from EB though :-P

    Red Faction Armageddon! Good game!

      Sadly it killed the franchise. Nowhere near as good as Guerrilla

        No, but it was still enjoyable for me. I think someone does have the license for Red Faction now though, just not sure who. I just loved the repair gun thing!! That would have been awesome in Guerrilla! Being able to rebuild towers and things????

          I never said I didn't like Armageddon, it just wasn't as awesome as Guerrilla ;)

            Yeah, and I agreed with you. Guerilla was a brilliant game. But could you imagine the repair gun in it?

              Repair Gun was in multiplayer, and the PC version has a mod that adds it to single player. It's quite awesome and I'm surprised it wasn't there natively

                Damn.... I have it for PS3. Might have to get it on PC just for that mod. Thanks for the info!

    Currently playing through the Red Faction series because of the article pic!

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