Meet The World’s First 8TB Hard Drive

Meet The World’s First 8TB Hard Drive

Here’s the scary thing: I’ll bet in five years time your average USB stick will be able to store more.

Ha! What a joke. As if USB sticks will still be around in five years.

This baby is being launched by Seagate, who are shipping this hard drive to a group of select customers. Said select customers aren’t chumps like you or I — although I suspect most of you could fill this thing up pretty quickly — this hard drive is being aimed at business for backups and such like.

But I suspect it won’t be long until 8TB hard drives like this will be widely available. In fact, I’m convinced that my next desktop PC will feature one of these. I’ll do what I normally do in those situations. “I’ll never fill this.” That’s what I’ll say. Then I’ll somehow managed to fill it up in like six months. Such is life.

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  • I’ve got a total of 12Tb worth of “storage” HDD space; I’ve got about 2Tb total in free space… I need 2 of these ASAP!

          • I have less storage than you (not much less) and it is almost full and shockingly NO PORN either. Though I do backup my 2 PC’s (and PS3 for that matter) and keep images for steam games.
            Damn Steam, that’s what did it.

          • Some of it, yes. But with a little brother 19 years by junior, he missed the era of awesome 80s and 90s cartoons. So I use a lot of it as a bonding experience with him. I do rewatch a lot of series at random (Watching Daria again as I type) and some of it goes to a friend of mine whom does retro reviews of those shows.

          • To be fair though. Given download speed and the lack of legal netflix etc. It’s smarter to hold onto that stuff if you’ve got it to begin with.

            More so if you have a large household who may watch the same shows at different times. For those unlucky enough to still be stuck on Download limits.

            Steaming the same episode of a single show at 4 different times of a single month. Is a huge waste of data.

          • I’ve got:
            – Every WCW Nitro, Thunder and Pay-Per-View from 1995 to 2001
            – Every ECW Pay-Per-View from 1995 to 2001 (including the 2 revival PPVs by WWE)
            – The WCW/ECW Invasion angle (All RAW, Smackdown & PPV)
            – Every WWF/WWE PPV from 1985 to Current.

          • the invasion angle…..yes!!! i need the RAW and SMACKDOWN shows. ive got alot of RAW from 1999 to present except 2001. ive been getting some of the DVD’s of wrestlers and stuff like monday night wars and the rise and fall of WCW. im impressed 🙂

    • Similar problem here 5x3TB drives + 1x 2tb WD black + my 120gb ssd. and I don’t think i have 500gb spare between them.

  • yeah, & there I was just a month ago hearing that 4TB HDDs were available & being impressed.

    • I was thinking that the other day. I was even looking into buying a couple for more storage… might be worth waiting longer now.

    • I’d feel pretty confident in saying that very few home users could fill this much space with anything other than pirated media.

      • Wow, there, let me tell you something here.
        1. Games take lots of space
        2. Have you heard of digitally bought media? Or are you saying the only media available are physical?
        3. Here’s something else, backup.
        4. Treading on the thin line between “home” and “professional” users here, there are video records (that they record themselves, including family, friends) or pictures of same type. And also, a lot of hobbyist activity can generate a large amount data (images, videos, models, etc…), and yes, that’s just “Hobby”, I know for a fact because the amount of videos I’ve done as a hobby (non-gaming, mind you) take up a looot of space.

      • I have a 2Tb WD black that I use for games and that wont even hold 1/4th of my steam list.

  • I really need to upgrade mine. 1TB in the PC & 1TB external. I’m constantly having to work out what to delete to make room for new things 🙁 I should stop being so stingy. My PS3 (120GB) is also calling out for a new HDD. An idea might be to swap out the PS3 HDD for my PS4 HDD and whack in 2TB at least into my PS4

  • Too bad its Seagate, I’ve had so many Seagate drives fail on me, never again.

    I’ll wait until Western Digital or Hitachi release their 8TB drives, they put 6TB ones out recently so they can’t be far off I imagine.

  • 1.44 megs on a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk.
    Enough for the shareware version of “Crystal Caves”? then it’s enough for me…

  • In my experience it takes about 2 -3 years for the drives of a given generation to get to be cheap enough to bother with, so when the warranty on the 4TBs I just put in my file server expires I’ll start cycling 8TBs into the home file server.

    Raid 6 FTW 🙂

  • Well… I’ve already filled all of my HDD bays with 2-3TB drives so adding some of these wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Although I do worry about what it would cost to buy this and how much of a pain it would be to backup…

  • Me, circa 2014: “What’s the point of an 8TB HDD?! I’ll never fill that up!”
    Me, circa 2015: “Why the hell didn’t I but the 16TB HDD?!”

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