Metal Gear Solid V Is Coming To PC

Metal Gear Solid V Is Coming To PC

Who needs next-gen consoles? The Metal Gear Solid series is hitting PC once again with entry #5 — both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain will come to Steam, publisher Konami accidentally leaked today just before a big MGS livestream.

Looks like someone on Konami’s web team jumped the gun.

This is the first time in a very long while that we’ve ever seen a MGS game launch on computers, though Konami also released Metal Gear Rising on PC earlier this year. The PC also got ports of the first two MGS games.

Still no word on release date for The Phantom Pain.

Thanks James!

UPDATE: MGS director Hideo Kojima officially announced the PC versions during the Gamescom livestream today. Steam pages are up now too.


  • This is fantastic news, I can save $500 and still enjoy this wonderful looking game.

  • I wish we would just dump consoles and everything be for PC – either through steam box, or normal desktop – you can still hook you rig up to a TV if you want (like a few do).

    • This has to be the last year of consoles or at the very least a very short life cycle for current gen. They cant keep downgrading the PC ports to make their already obsolete hardware look better for ever.

      • I hope so. So we can really enter “next gen” and everything runs at minimum 1080p60 at extreme detail and lighting and fxaa. Ahhhhh, perfect.

        • Haha I’ve been playing my games on PC at 1080 before last gen and they are still scraping to just catch up now.

          • So true. 1080p60 was the norm settings on pc long ago. Now the so called next gen machines can hardly output 1080p let alone 60fps. How dissapointing.

          • My next PC will be running everything at 4k and it won’t even be very expensive.

            That’s not even far away. In 2 years PC gaming will be coming into a new standard of 4k and consoles still won’t be able to consistently lock in 60 frames at 1080p.

    • I think that all the time. Normally a console needs years of unique programming to find its limit but looking at MGSV, Infamous etc I have a bad feeling these things are tapped out.
      Why else would MS consider deactivating connect to give the APU 1/3 more power for games?

        • No, there is nothing wrong at all. Though your comment was lazy and dumb but that is no concern of mine.

          I am comparing past consoles unique chipsets ie Sony’s Cell Processor rather than normal x86 instruction sets used on a PC GPU etc. My point was the AMD APU used is very close to off the shelf that I think devs have already got things down pat with the Jaguar iteration.
          As for my MS comment. It comes straight from them. They have updated their dev tools so that game software can completely deactivate connect so give access to all 8 cores on the APU which they said could increase raw performance by a third in game software.

          I am sure you won’t have anything to back up your dumb comment without it being nothing to do with what I said or argumentative for the sake of argumentative but by all means put your foot in it. 🙂

          • Agreed, there’s no secret hidden multi processor threading techniques they can do like they did with last generation.

          • 1. This generation has seen rapid improvements in graphics in the 10 or so months they’ve been available
            2. In no way are they yet ‘tapped out’ .
            3. MS aren’t considering deactivating ‘Kinect’, it’s already been implemented and is optional for developers.
            4. It’s nowhere near 1/3, more like 10%

          • 1. Yes, multiplats did not look as good as made for this generation only but that was NOT my point. So your point actually has no point with what I actually said.
            2. I said I get a bad feeling, I did not say factually they are tapped out and I gave reason for this feeling.
            3. MS ARE looking at giving devs the ability to completely deactive kinect when said game launches. They said so themselves. This does not mean disabling Kinect period nor does what I said read like that.
            4. Kinect according to MS uses up to part of its processing ability ACCORDING TO MS. Hence my response in point 3. Regardless of 10% or more my point was it makes a difference.

            Read a comment correctly or mind ya business and bugger off. You do NOT know what you are talking about and even if you did you missed the casual point I made with another poster. Lame dude, lame.

  • I’m so excited about this!

    I’m not getting suckered into buying a console this time and I really loved MGS4

  • Guess I’m skipping this gen of consoles then. Except the Wii U because that thing actually has games being released for it.

    • It’s weird that the WiiU is the only console that looks worth buying right now.

      This gen is going to be 3DS and WiiU for me.

  • This is awesome!

    i wanted to play ground zeroes, but looking at the video on the PS4, i didn’t want to play the lower quality PS3 version, but i’m not buying a PS4 any time soon.

    Now i get the best of both worlds!!

  • Damn, the whole reason I got a ps4 was for these games.
    Also, will we be able to transfer content from our ground zeros to pc??

    • Very good question.
      They said Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes are coming to PC so I assume you’d need to make said progress on the PC version of GZ when it releases. So if you already own PC version you’d be out of luck.

  • Wow, this is totally unexpected, i remember watching the gameplay demo on sonys presser and thought it looked awesome but will never come to PC and i’m not going to get a console just for one game… again.

    All we need now is a release date.

  • That upsets me because I deliberately got 100% completion for the fact that it carries over.. Guess it’s not the first time I’ve bought 2 of the same metal gear solid games.
    On the same note though, if they remade everyone(even sons of liberty) on pc I would buy them all again. Hopefully the online play isn’t riddled with hackers greifing your base

    • If you have a PS4 already, I’d say totally get TPP on it instead of the PC.
      At the very least, you know the MGS5 was designed with the PS4 in mind.
      And there are probably going to be less issues on the PS4 than the PC, you know our luck with ports.

      But, hey, if you have an absolute beast of a PC, or maybe you just prefer playing on the PC, go ahead. I’m not a cop.

  • I’ve only played the first mgs, would it be a bad idea to jump into this and metal gear rising without playing the others?

    • Rising is sort of a standalone , the gameplay is hack n slash as opposed to stealth action

  • Now I need to finally get around to playing 3 and 4. Which means I have to borrow a PS3. Good thing this won’t be out on PC for a while.

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