Microsoft Offering The First Console To Ship With A 1TB Drive

Microsoft Offering The First Console To Ship With a 1TB Drive

Today at Gamescom, Microsoft announced that it's launching a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One bundle on November 4. Notably, the included console comes with a 1TB internal hard drive — double the size of the standard console's HDD.

The bundle costs $US499.99, and includes an Advanced Warfare-branded console with a 1TB hard drive, a custom controller, a headset and a digital copy of the game.

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    Or you could get a PS4 and upgrade the HDD to what ever size you want :)

      or you could get an xbone and plug an external HDD any size you want :)

        Or a PC and just keep adding drives until you run out of SATA ports...

        Then add SATA expansion cards to your PCIe ports...

        hashtagmasterrace I suppose

          Or you could use a system with unlimited memory ... imagination! #kindofbeingserious

            I dunno about that, my memory is very limited these days. I've got a few old 1GB DIMMs that I really wish I could just stick down my ear as an upgrade

            just download more ram for free!!!!!

            This is so awesome! Discounted to free for a limited time!!!



    Smart move - 500Gb isn't really enough for these consoles since every game wants to be installed to the hard drive in its entirety. First thing I put in my PS4 wasn't a game, it was a 1Tb 7200RPM drive.

    Is this 1Tb drive only for the COD bundle, or will it be the standard for standalone XBones, too? Assuming they leave the price the same then that's the equivalent of a decent price cut.

    Wouldn't have an issue if Microsoft allowed xbone owners to upgrade the hard drives themselves Like PS3/PS4 owners can...While yes you can upgrade your HDD on a had to pay a stupid amount of money for a essantily a Laptop Hard drive in the Microsoft case (a 320GB 360 drive is $129 RRP where as you can get the same WD 320GB Laptop drive for $49...go figure)

    yeah 500GB really isn't that big these days, and for the games that have long loading screens, I usually prefer to install the game where I can

      On the bone there's no choice - every game installs completely to the hard drive whether downloaded or disc!

      Damn I could use some more storage on the 360 - 60GB is no longer feasible

    I'd venture that the kind of people who like COD enough to buy this console are the kind of people that only play COD, so 1TB seems like a waste here.

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