Modders Add A Zombie Apocalypse To GTA Online

Who knows, maybe Rockstar will add zombie DLC to GTA Online — but modders aren't waiting around for it to drop. Instead, they're going ahead and just adding zombies into the game themselves.

While there are a few floating around on the web, this particular zombie outbreak mod comes from Chr0m3xMoDz. It's not the most elaborate, fleshed-out mod — there's only one zombie model right now — it's still impressive considering its on a console. Kind of makes the PC release of GTA V all the more unbearable, eh?

And yes, you can play the mod with friends:

GTA 5 - Online GTA V Zombie Apocalypse Mod By Chr0m3 x MoDz [Chrom3xMoDz]


    And now Im praying the zombie rumours for GTA V are true...

    Haha yeh looks strange with zombies attacking with melee weapons. How do they mod the console version anyhow?

    Also, I really want Rockstart to release some good single player DLC to come out for GTAV. Hope its something on the same level as Ballad of Gay Tony.

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