Multiplayer Arrives In Action RPG Grim Dawn’s Latest Update

Diablo III may have recently enjoyed an epic patch, but it’s not the only click-orientated RPG to receive some love and attention. Crate Entertainment’s Grim Dawn, currently on Early Access, was yesterday updated to include its long-awaited multiplayer functionality, though you should prepare for a few teething problems, according to the developer.

Along with the aforementioned multiplayer over Steam, build 20 of the game introduces the concept of “Transmuters”, allowing players to specialise in certain skills, at the “cost of some trade-offs”. It’s just one of a great many changes, encompassing art tweaks, UI improvements, class balance and the engine itself.

In the announcement post, Crate’s “Zantai” states that even with extensive testing, the multiplayer feature will likely have “performance issues, crashes and bugs” and required a “large amount of background changes”. Brave players should prepare themselves for a bumpy ride, but can take comfort in the fact they’re helping to make the game better.

Hopefully Grim Dawn turns out to be another Early Access success story, much like Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin. Crate certainly appears to be going about it the right way.

Build 20: Multiplayer and Transmuters are now available! [Steam, via Reddit]

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