New 3DS 'Filters' The Internet In Japan

New 3DS 'Filters' The Internet In Japan

In what seems to be a new form of parental control, new 3DS consoles will come with a pre-installed filter that limits what websites can be visited using the built in web browser. The filter can be turned off for a fee of 30 yen ($0.30), which is deducted immediately upon registering a valid credit card.

According to Nintendo, the filter will be used to "prevent children from looking at harmful websites" on the new 3DS, and the fee (and credit card registration) is required so that children cannot disable the filter without their parents' consent.

New 3DS 'Filters' The Internet In Japan

The 3DS has been involved in not so child-friendly activities in the past, and it looks like this browser filter might be Nintendo's way to make the new 3DS a more child-safe successor.



    30c, whatever. But I don't wanna be registering any credit card.

      Agreed, though I can sort of see why they're doing it :/
      Should just be a refundable amount (ie: test that the card details are correct then reverse the charge).

    In all honesty, wherever my 3DS is, my phone/laptop/PC/tablet (pick any of them) isn't too far away.
    Can't see this affecting most people too much as there's so many alternative (and better ways) to browse the internet.

    Whilst this isn't an ideal situation, I hope people don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. Until this filter is out and affects legitimate sites, I can't see many people being badly disadvantaged by the filter.
    If people really need to access porn on their new 3DS, then I guess they have to pay. Think of it being akin to buying Mosaic or Netscape back in the day.

    Hopefully Nintendo will implement something along the lines that if you have already purchased content or registered a Nintendo Network card, then it will unlock the filter.

    People actually use the 3DS web browser?

    The 3DS is a pretty terrible way to browse the internet, so while this is stupid it's not something that would affect me.

      Yeah. I think it really is a feature used primarily by kids. Anyone older would probably have unsupervised internet access on another device with a better interface. Although if it makes it to the Wii U that might be a different story. I don't use it that often but I do use it.

      The New 3DS's web browser is completely different from the one on the older ones. Even the UI is different.

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