New Minecraft LEGO Will Fit Your Minifigs

New Minecraft LEGO Will Fit Your Minifigs

There's been Minecraft LEGO for a while now, but it's been on a tiny scale, with tiny little figures. These new sets are "normal" scale, meaning your Star Wars v Minecraft fan-fic role-playing just got a lot easier.

The two sets, "The Cave" and "The Farm", aren't huge, but they are big enough to accommodate 3-4 of the new normal-sized Minecraft minifigs each.

Love the square heads. Nice touch.

LEGO Minecraft The Cave (21113) & The Farm (21114) Official Images [The Brick Fan]

New Minecraft LEGO Will Fit Your Minifigs


    To me, Minecraft lego has always been both a terrible idea AND a perfect couple at the same time

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      I think the only reason it doesn't work is because of the games reliance on random generation and players manipulating the environment. It doesn't really make sense having instructions to these sets seeing as minecraft doesn't have any iconic structures or landscapes. The lego sets do pretty much the same thing that the game does, providing the building blocks for your own creations.

    If only LEGO could make their own version... None of their games have come close.

    Yeah that Dade guy is a noob, building BorK when it's such a shit item and Hydra is clearly better.

    Am I really reading an "article" by some Plat guy arguing attack speed is bad on Zed? Dude... uninstall the game. cat mario online

    I think its time to let the minecraft and lego articles die....

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