New RTS Game Parties Like It's 1997

Because screw it, if EA won't make new/better Command & Conquer games, then somebody else may as well give it a shot.

Act of Aggression is actually a sequel to 2005's Act of War. I'm cautiously optimistic about this, because it's being developed by Eugen, the same guys behind the Wargame series.


    Great to see an RTS these days. I miss the old days of the RTS bandwagon, so many games to play, Dark Reign, KKND, Ground Control, and of course C&C and the Blizzard titles... then everyone hoped off to get on the FPS bandwagon, then MMO, now MOBA... I'm guessing the RTS won't rise again since it won't sell consoles (even though I enjoyed Halo Wars).

      But it never really was a mainstay of the consoles though, yeah?

      Also the twelvie market is strongly against the idea of thinking and strategy and far more inclined to just wing it and let the game aim and heal for them...

      I would love for a another Dark Reign or Ground Control. Played those games to death.

    Looks like a halfway point between Wargame and Ruse. Should be interesting to see if this just ends up being a more arcadey Wargame.

    Bloody Loved Act of War. Cant wait.

      same the best thing about Act of War was the cheesy FMV in the vain of Command and Conquer, something the Generals did not have and was chewed out on by almost every single player and reviewer.

      And well as adding some realism to boot such as rifle infantry being good against other infantry only with minor damage to technicals/humvees but no damage to anything with a hint of armor ( unlike CnC)

        The only franchise to use cheesy FMV's was Red Alert. The FMV's in the Tiberium series weren't all that cheesy despite the quality.

          no no the CnC FMV for TD and TS and RA1 were in fact very cheesy just not cheesy in the way that RA2 was, Plus Generals did not have any FMV at all and it wasnt until the Zero Hour expansion pack that EA actually put some FMV intros back in for the start of each mission

            But the difference is the Tiberium series was never supposed to be cheesy, it was "supposed" to be more gritty. RE was intentional.

            Peoples complaint were about the lack of FMV's in general which is why Zero Hour introduced the news caster reports on mission briefings.

    A game like C&C Generals? Shut up and take my money!

    Act of war direct action was amazing, it got shat on by pc powerplay in the reviews by some dork comparing it to generals and saying how 'direct action' is a name that should not have made it past the beta.

    While the stand alone addon could have used a budget it was not without its charm, and this is shaping up to be amazing, I hope dale brown is writing the story for it again and they get some more cheesy fmv's going.

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