Next-Gen Lighting Is Pushing The Limits Of Realism

Next-Gen Lighting Is Pushing The Limits Of Realism

Resolution and polygons aren't the only things behind increasingly lifelike 3D worlds. Lighting plays a huge part as well.

French artist koola has shared some truly extraordinary images and footage of his work in Unreal Engine 4, with particular emphasis on the work he's done with things like lamps and sunlight.

If you need some reference to dream for once devs can stop tailoring games for the 360/PS3 and can really kick the tyres of new hardware (not to mention the PC), then these should do the job nicely.

If you want to see some static images to go with the video work, you can see more of his stuff here.


    Hahaha! I'm a friggen idiot! I originally thought that was talking about Lighting from FF13 and did a double take.

      lol you goob! This is amazing, I haven't seen an actual jump in game graphics in years.

      I think that's "Lightning", not "lighting".

      Same here. Time for a burger to replenish my strength.

    The first video actually looked real in some parts. Very impressive!

    Videogames are starting to look way too lifelike and i think its a bad thing.

      It's only a bad thing if you want it to be.

      Plenty of other games out there that don't go for a realistic look, games like Wind Waker HD, Borderlands, Bloodborne, Bayonetta 2 and Sunset Overdrive.

      I agree! What if computers become so powerful

    i watched one of these this morning without knowing it was computer generated and thought it was real

    Why do shadows in games always have soft or jagged edges?

      because it takes way too much processing to get them smooth without being blurry

        I am sure there is a brilliant simple solution waiting to be discovered.

    The games may look real...but in the end, it'll be level design, story telling, and other fine details that will make a game FEEL real.

    There are many games that are based on basic animations, 2D images or even just blocks of text that FEEL real, despite looking anything but.

    Man, Unreal 4 engine fan boi's are going to lose their shit when they travel back in time a few years and watch some CryEngine tech videos, pre-rendered and real time examples which are better.

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