Next Up From The Folks Who Made Heavenly Sword, Hellblade

Is that Kai?! Is this what we've hoped for? A sequel for Heavenly Sword?

At the very least, it looks like the new game from Ninja Theory shares lot of DNA with Heavenly Sword. We'll have to wait and see if this is an actual continuation of the PS3 launch game's mythos.


    I'm already buckled in for the third entry in the series. Will it be Earthdagger? Spaceknife? The possibilities are endless.

      I would play Spaceknife so. damn. much.

      I was thinking Limbo Edge. Maybe Asgard Shank. I'm sure we can all play... < mythological afterlife > < bladed weapon >

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        Asgard is a place for the gods, Valhalla is for the dead.


    I love everything Ninja Theory does!

      Your excitement makes me excited! Woo!

      I'm keen for a PS4 Ninja Theory game!

    I usually refrain from saying this but shut up and take my money

    Heavenly sword wasn't that great of a game, but the presentation was damn flawless.

    What I want to know is, will Andy Serkis play the Big Bad... again?

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    Dear Ninja Theory, you're lovely, PC?

      It's multiplat. It's just coming to PS4 first, according to them.

        Have they announced multi-platform? I was just looking for this info

          Timed release. NT said so in some interview or something. It's gonna be pretty forgettable if they write it in house again, though.

            Eh I quite enjoyed DmC

              Most of its criticisms are from the horrible story and horribly dumbed down gameplay.
              This image pretty much sums up why DmC's hate is justified.

    Hopefully they'll outsource the story to an actual writer for this like they did with HS and Enslaved. DmC's story was complete drivel.

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