Now That's A Yoshi Of A Different Colour!

As part of its big Mario Kart 8 update announcement yesterday, Nintendo revealed that two of the game's most popular characters — Shy Guy and Yoshi — are now available in eight different shades.

They all look great:

The good news is that this means Mario Kart 8 players will be getting more Yoshi and Shy Guy. You can never have too much of either of those guys, if you ask me. The bad news, however, is that they're only available right now if you preorder the upcoming DLC. I asked Nintendo when they will become available for those of us who prefer not to invest in pre-orders, and will update this once I hear back.


    Threw down my money last night. Pricing on the upcoming packs is crazy. I'm not happy about the six month wait between tracks but for the price I'm having a really hard time staying annoyed by it.

      Yeah, $10 is so good for so much DLC! Gonna go nuts with my partner and his younger brother this weekend (he's coming over to play PS4 but I'm going to 'make' him play the Wii U instead, haha!)

      Does the in your face advertising for pre orders stop once you pre order? Having characters on my selection screen I can't use until next year is already pissing me off.

        Nope. Still there. If check the details you just have a banner now saying 'preordered waiting for release' or something similar ;)

    yoshi what I did there........

    Big deal on different colours, we already have 4 different coloured Marios.

    Red Mario, Green Mario, Yellow Mario and Purple Mario.

      Reminded me of this:

      you forgot metal mario, baby red mario and baby green mario

    They are available for anyone who buys both the packs. The only way to verify this is by pre order as they are not both out yet.

    Why the fuck would you ask Nintendo about this when it's spelled out clear as day on all their marketing materials regarding the DLC?

    Am honestly surprised that Aussie players aren't getting really ripped off with DLC for once in terms of cost.
    $16AUSD for both packs is pretty boss.
    I did honestly think that they'd bring in this kind of DLC with the upcoming Amiibo figures though to use them as unlockables. Might show that the big N doesn't have a lot of faith in their cross over potential or just wanted to make it a single/double big release.

      Ugh, I just looked into this, not really happy about it. As an adult I don't want to have to buy figurine toys to get the most out of my games...

        Yeah, know what you mean.
        If you're a parent & kids want them for full game integration (Skylanders, Disney Infinite) there is a reason to collect & buy but for the Amiibo, less incentive.
        If they look awesome, don't cost all that much & have proper integration both with the Wii U & 3DS I'd probably get a couple.
        If not, won't bother.

    I'm cool with the new coloured yoshis and shy-guys ... but I feel that the character select screen needs to change. metal mario and tanooki mario are merely skins like the colours so they shouldn't be given their own real estate on the character select screen. This also goes for dry bowser and pink gold peach/cat peach. It's messing with my OCD :/

    What does Shy Guy have to say about this- Shy Guy?

    I kind of though putting Link into MarioKart was a terrible idea at first.

    I still think that, UNLESS Epona is a kart for Link

    I was pleasantly surprised by the price for the two packs. Can't wait for them to unlock. :)

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