Now That's What I Call Retro Gaming

Briefly: Now that's what I call retro gaming. One inventive soul hooked up new (and new-ish) games like Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto V to a TV set from the 1970's, and the results look surprisingly cool. This gives the hipster in me so many ideas...

imgur via Reddit


    Probably masked the graphical issues in Watched_Dogs

      This. It probably made it give the impression it had good graphics or something.

    That's not retro gaming that's just playing a new shitty game on an old, shitty and small TV.

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    Hipsters unite to use old tvs to play the newer consoles

    When I first got a PS3 I was still using a shitty old cathode tv. To say it was painful watching is an understatement. Couldn't see any on screen text or HUD clearly, but I guess for hipsters that won't be so much of a problem with their oversized impractical glasses they wear.

    Just because something's old, doesn't mean it's suddenly cool again. There's a reason tv technology has moved on; old tvs are shithouse, but then again I guess that's the hipster movement summed up. Make yourself somehow 'cool' by sporting out of style clothes and using products that are no longer practical and actually hinder you in this day and age.

    When I got my PSX in 1996 I had to connect it to my mid-80s Sony 34cm TV via VCR because the only input it had was an aerial socket for the antenna. A couple of years later I got an rf converter, an adapter that cuts out the VCR. I was rocking that thing right up until mid 2000. lol

      Had the same setup until a flatmate got a 52cm wega for Christmas. What a revolution that was!

    I was using a CRT TV up until July last year. Reading text was the biggest issue and it meant i couldn't play some games because you couldn't read the instructions. People would often come over and not understand how i could even see anything. The benefit of a CRT was that the response time was very good, when i played on other TVs there was a notable delay. I ended up buying EIZO Foris FS2333 because it has a 3.4ms response time.

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    I would be more impressed if it was hooked up to a TV that used a standard other than PAL (or similar 625 line systems), SEACAM or NTSC.

    The old UK 405 line system would be one example of such a system to try.

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