Off Topic: Coping With Stressful Situations

Life is full of stressful situations. How do you cope with moments of stress? Any techniques? Any advice?

Recently I bought a new house which reminded me that buying a house is one of the most stressful situations you can put yourself in. I struggled a bit with certain aspects of it. I do a couple of things: mainly I just try to breathe, in and out through my nose. I've even started getting yoga a bit. In times of stress I've always found it incredibly helpful.

What about you guys and girls? How do you manage stress?


    Get a stress induced migraine then have a loud and public meltdown.

      Hey, I had one of these last friday, almost tore my superior a verbal new one for being inept!

      edit* These occur often enough I have a stash of migraine tablets in my locker, it doesn't help I hang on to anger and slowly stew it over in my head making matters worse. I think have a problem

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    I punch people in the face with lots of violent cuss words.

    In my imagination.

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    Listen to Taylor Swift, crack a 600mL bottle of pepsi max or sit outside and pat my dog.
    If none of those options are available i cry.
    works every time.

      Amen, brother. Dogs are so good for stress-relief. Unless your stupid bloody lovable naughty rescue dog is causing the stress by wrecking the screen door... I mean, no, they're good, they're good.

      Also, new Taylor Swift, eh, eh?

        Its catchy. So freaking catchy. Its also not about a guy so i am so shocked.

          I friggin' love it. (I hate the gym and working out, so I just dance to this a bunch lately and am like, "Phew, aerobics was great last night!" at work.)

          It's literally about dealing with negativity/stress, too, so it works in this situation, also.

    go for a swim man. Find a nearby pool, and just start swimming laps. You'll be so concentrated on your technique and breathing, that you just won't have the brain-space to think about anything else.

      also: congrats on the house! Welcome to the club. The first thing I did was go and hammer a picture hook into the wall without having to fill out a bunch of stupid fucking forms. It was so good I needed a cigarette afterwards.

        Hahaha. My parter and I have a good savings for a deposit going. And this is EXACTLY what I'm gonna do to christen our first house.

    I write mean comments on the internet in regards to women.

    If I'm stressed and find myself at the tipping point, I tend to hibernate. Absorb myself in a TV show, or write some music. Play games too, obviously. I'm usually right as rain after that :)

    I shoot people in the face, sometimes in a game.

    Realistically I take the philosophical approach that very little genuinely matters and that does take the edge off a lot of stress. You do the best job you can with the tools you have, the stuff you can't change you just have to adapt to and if anyone but you and yours have a problem, fuck em, they're simply not relevant.

    Have a bath?

    I just bought another house, looked at it Saturday for the first time, put a lowball offer in on Saturday and it was accepted Sunday. Sooooooo stressed right now.
    I usually play games to manage my stress but haven't had a chance, been so busy trying to sort out finances and everything for this new place.
    I'm way more stressed than usual, being at work doesn't help.

    It depends what kind of stress it it. Sometimes I go somewhere quiet (just, like another room) and have a little silent spaz about it (throw my arms around and go "arrrghhhh" without making any noise), and then I take a deep breath and carry on.

    Sometimes making myself laugh is the best thing. I'll listen to one of my favourite podcasts or a standup album I love and let that wash over me.

    Jump on the piano and just play. Endlessly.

    The weird thing is I seem to play best when I'm not actually thinking about what I'm doing at all, so it's really great for just mulling over things that are on my mind. Plus being able to just smash some things out is a good stress reliever in and of itself anyway.

    * Listening to music
    * Rant in my journal
    * Do sports & exercise (anything that can get you to sweat)
    * Jacking off (what? try it)
    * Keeping things in perspective...your situation may suck, and our country has faults, but at least we don't have to worry about people killing each other or shooting down planes due to religious or political beliefs. You're (most likely) not starving, you probably have 3 meals everyday and then some...things can be A LOT worse.

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    Can attest to the house stress; our first has had a few unforeseen (even by the rubbish building inspector) issues that have made money a stress creator as well.

    I'm naturally pretty calm, it take a lot to make me crack but my wife is a constant stressor. Sometimes its hard to tell a stressed person to just "Stop being stressed". I just tend to not let things get to me, in the grand scheme of things if something isn't going to kill you, its not worth stressing too much over. Use the energy to come up with solutions to whatever is creating the stress.

    Yoga (which is half exercise, half meditation, so deserves it's own category)
    Video Games (I often say to my wife "I need to go shoot something beautiful in the face")

    But then again, I also take a bucketload of meds each day that kind of stops me being stressed. One of the tablets tastes like candy. So I have that going for me, which is good.

    Make inappropriate jokes.
    Play video games.
    Get drunk.

    Breathing+Exercise+Avoid Coffee+2 or 4 mg of Diazepam. Worked for my PhD confirmation so that should cover most things!

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    Play the hairy banjo.

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      Yeah, I was just going to say 'have a wank' but you put it a bit more subtly.

      If wanking is not available (and it is only rarely not available) then crying and or drinking are good too.

    Breathing techniques, generally - an old habit from martial arts. Normally combined with occupying myself with some simple repetitive task that requires a bit of concentration. My Rubik's cube collection seems to do the job - the more serious and preoccupying the stress, the more complex the puzzle I go after. Thankfully I've yet to encounter something bad enough to make me solve my gigaminx again... that thing takes hours.

    I go to gym or go for a run or play tennis and just recently, i started ballroom dancing :). Nothing beats exercise to help with positivity. I'm attempting to deal with a seperation/divorce with my partner of 13 years and having a 20 month old boy so I'm having one hell of a stressfull period but smashing myself at gym/running/physical activity helps a lot.

      I've tried everything over the years including relaxing, sleeping, holidays, diving into hobbies, shouting, venting to friends, physically hurting myself... but the one thing that gives me temporary relief is exercise.

    I cope poorly with stress and negative emotions in general. But I find walking on the beach, barefoot in the shallow water is a nice activity and gets my mind off everything. Also, violent, chaotic video games like MK or GTA are incredibly effective digital punching bags. Blowing off steam with those games usually leaves me feeling really refreshed and happy.

      but I find walking on the beach, barefoot in the shallow water is a nice activity
      Damn, it is too. I get into a sorta daze and spend time trying to kick the top of the water every single step etc. Plus water is soothing. And sand feels nice. And sun feels nice. Mmmmm..

        And just watching the waves, fathoming the water and all the ripples and it's shifting nature. It's sort of hypnotic and numbing. I've most always been privileges to live a short walk from the beach.

          God damn you beach people with your lovely weather and sand and stuff.
          I'm stuck in the office and all I want to do is go to the beach now :(

    Power metal, mindless games that don't require thought and aren't frustrating, or creating something at my sewing machine. Those are my personal go-tos for stress relief.
    Sometimes I find when it all gets too much that just going for a quick walk outside really helps as well.
    Edit: Oh, and combining that walk with Power Metal can pretty much beat anything.

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