Oh No, Square Enix

Oh No, Square Enix

DARGON Quest IV. Not a good sign. Not a good sign at all.

Dargon Quest IV is pretty good, by the way, and it's worth checking out on iTunes.

(via Wario64)


    It's freaking $19! Square Enix needs to learn how to price better

      They're at it again, re-releasing new versions of old content with new price tags =P

      I dunno. I maintain that, all things considered, their prices for these releases isn't insane. If it was on Steam or a DS game, they'd be considered normal or cheap. But because it is IOS, people are used to massively cheap, borderline unsustainable. I've bought a unch of the FF games and such (The real ones, not the shit like ATB) and they've been worth it.

    The hell is this post?
    Are you upset or are you happy about this?
    What is the point of this post?

    Jesus Kotaku get your shit together.

      I think cause it says DARGON not dragon.

      Also is it just me or is the description funny too. Dragon quest IV. The FIRST instalment in the zenithian TRILOGY.

      It's about the spelling error in the games title on iTunes.

      Jesus gaz get your shit together

      Just in case you don't see it:
      It's a typo of the game's title.

    because I'm dyslexic, it took me ages to realise something was wrong with the spelling. :\

    Where's the typo? I've been saying Dargon for a while now since I saw someone else make that typo a while back. Dargon's the new Rouge.

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