OK, This Move Should Be In The Next Titanfall Game

OK, This Move Should Be In The Next Titanfall Game

Sure would be useful if the giant robots in Respawn’s hit game could pick you up and throw you at enemies, right?

There are a few scenarios in Titanfall where Titan robots and on-foot human pilots team up in combat. But none of them are as cool as the move seen here in the latest teaser for PlayFight’s upcoming live-action/CGI take on the Microsoft-exclusive shooter. This one moves things along from where the last clip ended.


    • Uhhhh pretty sure Titanfall is amazing, another one would be welcome any day!

      why does everyone have to be so snarky and cynical… this is why the industry suffers

      • Because Titanfall was, as everyone believed before release, CoD with mechs.

        It suffers from a lot of the complains CoD gets frequently (such as the engine being a rewritten Source engine, much like how CoD did the same with Quake) and not only does anything unique from CoD besides mechs, but as a package is lacking in content. What gives this a free pass?

        Everyone’s snarky and cynical because gaming as a whole is becoming worse and worse due to stuff like this, among other things.

  • Including that move would be a big negative for me, because I’d spend every match launching myself around the place instead of fighting…

  • Nope. Titanfall prior to release seemed to be really awesome. Post-release… It’s rubbish.

    To elaborate slightly more, it’s the matchmaking and the lack of players that make this game blow.

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