One Of The Best PC Games Of All Time Is Now Free

One Of The Best PC Games Of All Time Is Now Free

Origin's "On The House" deal, which randomly gives away free PC games, is doing a very good thing today, because it's giving away Wing Commander III. One of the greats.

OK, so it was never that great a game, and especially won't be now, but you don't enjoy Wing Commander III for the flight. You enjoy it for everything else.

Mostly the spectacle of seeing an early-90s C-list (post-Star Wars, pre-Batman Mark Hamill! Biff from Back to the Future! Malcolm McDowell!) stumble their way through a surprisingly decent space opera

Get it, you might love it. And if you don't, it was free, so whatever.

Wing Commander III [Origin]



    ...I'm pretty sure I finished WC3 at least like 100 times.

    I can't believe this article fails to mention being forced to choose between Ginger Lynn Allen (playing a mechanic *) and the other pilot Angel**.

    * Makes me think of that bit in "The Big Lebowski":
    Maude: You can imagine where it goes from here.
    The Dude: He fixes the cable?

    ** The actress who played Angel didn't do much after WC3:

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    The same game is on and for $6 USD one gets the game, making of videos, and a slew of other extras.

    "One Of The Best PC Games Of All Time"... should I be ashamed I played this on PlayStation?

    In reply to WiseHacker ^
    and the best part is that it's DRM free.
    For those who can't pay $6, wait a few months and you'll be able to pick it up for $2 in a sale. Think about it, $2 to get a great game AND support a DRM free platform.

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      or pay nothing and get it for free on origin?

      EA have been sneaking new and improved always online DRM into their old Origin games lately, so there's also that to think about.

    I still have this game on PC (as in the original 4-CD version that came in a massive (normal size for the 90's) game boxes

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      Gotta love the big boxes, they are a collectors dream.

      I have the Collectors Edition that came in a big circular film-reel case some around at home. I was into Wing Commander in a biiiig way.

    Listen to.. Revenge! Listen to... Revenge!

    Still one of the best games of all time, this, Wing Commander 2 (better story), and Privateer (better gameplay).

    What are you talking about Plunkett, this game is a classic and one of the few FMV games that did it right :/

    I still remember when my brother and I first got the original PlayStation and WCIII was the first game we had - we were blown away. Jumping from Megadrive & SNES too this was a massive upgrade for a console gamer. Real video & actors - how is this even possible! :P

    Here's a cool movie edit of all the video for WCIII:
    Here's a cool behind the scenes video too:

    Still can't bring myself to sign up for Origin.

    Whenever I see these deals it ends up reading like this in my head:
    "Here's a beautiful supermodel who wants to jump in bed with you! ... but she has herpes"

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