One Of The Most Convincing Product Tests You'll See

One of the Most Convincing Product Tests You'll See

A fellow from Korean lock company ST System showed off its latest crime prevention product called "smart lock". Just wait until after he gets his gloves on.

The gentlemen will attempt to convince you that by using the lock, it's impossible to shatter or open the window all the way.

Convinced? As tipster Sang points out, the original clip, which is titled "do test" was uploaded in 2012, but it has recently been appearing on numerous Korean websites and blogs as well as on social networking sites.

do test [Ha [email protected] — Thanks Sang!]


    Umm, why not break the window glass to gain ingress?

    Last edited 30/08/14 7:29 am

      Hell, I used to have a window that did exactly the same thing. Wasn't some fancy product though, just decades of neglect.

      ...I kinda wanted to smash the glass on that, when I wanted some air, too.

      I suppose it really depends on how desperately they want to break in. I'd imagine, most thieves wouldn't break the window because it would be loud and alert neighbors compared to unlocking it then opening it. This would prevent them being able to open it. Plus, if they tried as hard as this guy did to open, I think someone would hear it.

      If I was inclined toward thievery, then sound wouldn't be an issue...a role of duct tape, 3 or 4 strips in a star shape, a swift elbow and voila, a nearly noiseless entry. It's not rocket science, but I guess your average villain probably isn't too blessed in the brain box.

        Average villian would have traded the duct tape for more crack.

    Sorry, but this is more convincing...

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