One Of The Vita’s Best Games Is Coming To PS4

One Of The Vita’s Best Games Is Coming To PS4
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Tearaway, the unsung hero of the PlayStation Vita, is finally making its way to the PlayStation 4, Sony just revealed during its Gamescom press conference. Given how weird some of the Vita-specific features in Media Molecule’s game are, however, the studio was hesitant to call it a “port” or “HD remake.”

Rather, the LittleBigPlanet creators said they’re making an…adaptation of their Vita game they’re calling Tearaway Unfolded. So instead of using the Vita to, say, plaster an image of your face on the screen in the middle of a level, you can now use the DualShock 4 in similarly quirky ways. The demo showed how players can use the DualShock’s touchscreen to blow gusts of wind across certain levels. The light bar, meanwhile, can project a spotlight into a given scene.

Bells and whistles aside, the Tearaway adaption is exciting simply because it’s one of the most beautiful games that’s come out in recent memory. That wasn’t surprising, considering it was made by the same studio known for LittleBigPlanet. But the game still flew under the radar thanks to the relatively obscurity of the PS Vita. Hopefully, blowing the game up on the PS4 will help more gamers discover this underrated gem.


  • So are Media Molecule making the PS4 version themselves, then?

    As great as the game was on Vita, I was hoping they’d be working on something new for PS4, not remaking one of their existing games.

    • Yeah they are such clever developers that just having another Little Big Plants and a port of the Vita games seems like a missed opportunity as far as a new IP for the new console.
      Though maybe they are working on something very new at the same time?

    • Tearaway was originally made a by a small number of people within MM, a few stories at the time were suggesting about 15 people. Given that the game was complete and simply did a port job plus reworked some of the elements for the DS4 features, I can’t imagine the project being a resource sink for MM.

      The studio is working on something new, as LBP3 being outsourced to Sumo Digital, LBPVita was done by Double 11, MM has only dropped Tearaway since LBP2. Plus they’ve had twitter comments saying that Shuhei Yoshida has approved there recent benchmarks.

      Guessing 2015 is when we will find out what they have been upto.

      • Aren’t we still waiting for the follow up to that strange and amazing video of their developers playing on the PS Move doing things such as making puppets dance and people playing drums?

        • Yeah that, but we have no idea what that was and whether that was a true indication of what the game was… It could have been a proof of concept only.

      • Perhaps you’re right. We still haven’t heard a peep out of Santa Monica re the PS4, either. And I thought we might see something of Guerilla’s new IP at Gamescom but apparently not, either.

  • Really? I liked the game and all but it was sorta designed with Vita controls in mind like rear touch pad, maybe it’ll work, just seems like a weird choice. Portable gaming fun now in non portable form?

  • I loved Tearaway on Vita, but after finishing it I don’t know if a sequel/ port is needed.

    I also loved it on Vita because the touch features etc were not done gimmicky. The game was made FOR the Vita’s features and not just made to implement them. This looks like the latter unfortunately.

    But time will tell.

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