Payday 2’s Creators Are Making A Walking Dead Game

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Payday 2 creator Overkill Software is making a new game based on the popular zombie franchise The Walking Dead, the company just announced. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the original comics, said in a post on Steam that it’s “the co-op game that all of the Walking Dead fans have been waiting for.”

Overkill has only released the teaser trailer that you can see above, so details about the new game are understandable scarce. But we know that Kirkman himself has signed on to the project, and it’s not coming out until 2016. Also the message “In 2016 Washington will fall” that’s plastered in bloody letters seems to suggest that the game will be set in the U.S. capital. Or at least the adventure will start there, at least.

Based on Overkill’s pedigree, it’s also probably safe to assume that their Walking Dead game won’t have a lot in common, gameplay-wise, with the acclaimed episodic adventure game series made by Telltale Games. Payday 2 is a fast-paced multiplayer co-op shooter, after all, and Kirkman’s statement suggests that the guy was drawn to overkill because of the studio’s expertise making exactly those kinds of games. It is interesting that he just called it a “co-op game,” and didn’t specify that it’s a shooter, however.

To sweeten the deal, Kirkman also said that Payday 2 will add a special spiked bat melee weapon to celebrate the new partnership. Awwwwww.


  • I wouldn’t call payday 2 a fast paced coop shooter, if it is that to you then you’ve been playing it wrong. Lol

    • Man things never go according to plan =P even if it doesn’t start off as a fast paced match it will always end that way!

      • I don’t think I’ve ever completed a job without the SWAT team being called in….I blame my team-mates (although it’s usually always me).

        • as a 4 man group we’ve been able to stealth almost EVERY mission, sure it took lots of practice but man is it a good feeling when its done, especially on maps like Big Oil or Framing frame on hardest difficulty

  • I’d actually prefer a non-combat focussed Walking Dead game…. something that focuses on survival and trying to get through each day and building a safe haven/community from scratch as opposed to lots and lots of shooting zombies in the head which I think we already have an abundance of in games =\

    • I haven’t really played it, so I could be wrong, but I think State Of Decay focuses more on the survival aspect,

      • It does in a sense you have a grouo and they can build defences and the like but but its not like you actually help build other than going out to get supplies and kill zombies if needed which it usually is

      • The first half of State of Decay is a great survival game, the second half you get overpowered and it becomes almost Dead Rising levels of nonchalant zombie slaughter unfortunately. Still a great, if incredibly flawed game.

    • I’m hoping 7 Day to Die will be that game when it grows up some, but I’ll wait and see what the Payday devs have in mind for Walking Dead. I think it has promise.

      • Its a great concept but it need a LOT of work… i honestly dont see the game making any real progress for at least another year or two… if im not mistaken, its a VERY small team

        • Yeah, and I have no intention of picking it up until it’s a more fully realised product. It’s probably an ok game as it stands right now but it’s still too early on the “early access” phase for me to commit to it, especially after getting burned by Towns.

  • Oooooh I’m looking forward to this. I’m really curious if they’re gonna make a shooter in the traditional sense or try and make a proper zombie survival game.

    Overall I’m excited, fingers crossed it doesn’t suffer the Walking Dead curse (that being that any WD game not made by Telltale sucks)

    • Overall I’m excited, fingers crossed it doesn’t suffer the Walking Dead curse (that being that any WD game not made by Telltale sucks)

      You’re basing that hypothesis on an N of 1… hardly a sufficient sample size.

  • I was expecting an article on this from Kotaku but I’m surprised there hasn’t been a single mention of how outraged the community is from this. For those unaware, there was a countdown on the official Steam forums for PAYDAY 2 that went on for 34 or so days that built up to this which is beyond excessive for just an announcement for something in the distant future. Many people expected an event actually related to PAYDAY 2 and all they got was a usable melee weapon (melee is rarely used in the game itself). If you want to see the kinds of comments they’re getting, visit the main thread here:

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