People Are Buying Destiny Special Editions For $US300+ On Ebay

People Are Buying Destiny Special Editions For $US300+ On Ebay

Someone is willing to pay more than $US1000 for a fancy version of Bungie’s next big video game. That’s almost 10 times what the Ghost edition of Destiny costs. For that much cash, you better be able to go to the moon too.

The Ghost edition of Destiny sold out very quickly after being announced early last month, at a retail price of $US150. Like other collectible variants of big-budget video games, it comes with a bunch of limited-edition knick-knacks:

  • Limited Edition SteelBook™ Case and Game Disc
  • Ghost Replica: This is your motion-sensing Ghost, featuring lights and audio from the game. May it lead you through the Darkness.
  • Letter of Introduction: These worlds were once ours. If you accept your destiny, you will be asked to do the impossible.
  • Golden Age Relics, which include a Patch, Sticker, and two Chrome slides of the Traveller
  • Guardian Folio, containing:
  • “Arms and Armament” Field Guide: Many believe the weapons and armour featured in this record are a myth. -You will learn the truth.
  • Postcards from the Golden Age: Our worlds have been claimed by our enemies. Now, it’s time to take them back.
  • Antique Star Chart: Explore the wild frontiers of our solar system. Discover all that we have lost.
  • Collector’s Edition Digital Content: The City has also provided you with a cache of items to start you on your journey, including:
  • A Unique Ghost Casing
  • An Exclusive Player Emblem
  • An Exclusive Player Ship Skin
  • Includes the Destiny Expansion Pass

Apparently, people want that stuff pretty badly, especially since Bungie has hinted that they won’t be making more of these:

Will you release more Ghost editions?

No promises. We wanted to release limited editions that were actually limited. When you play the game, you’ll appreciate the appearance of exotic loot because not everyone will have it. The same goes for the editions of Destiny that have been designed for collectors. If you can find one, collect it.

One poster on NeoGAF reports that a friend received a winning bid of $US1025 on his pre-ordered Ghost edition. Other auctions for the special edition of Destiny are hitting a median range of $US300, which is double what the standard price is.

As far the video game stuff that people pay big bucks for on eBay, yeah, shelling out $US1000 for a Destiny Ghost Edition is quite an indulgence. But it’s not as bad as some of the other things people have paid a lot of money for, like Titanfall beta keys, iPhones with the original version of Flappy Bird or pictures of an Xbox One. Still, a thousand bucks could buy you loads of other video games too…


  • Was the ghost edition even available in Australia? I kept an eye out for it, but never saw it in jb or eb’s website.

    I mainly wanted the ghost replica, I don’t like how limited editions come with a mountain of paper things you never look at more than once.

  • Yeah it was – went VERY quickly. My local EBGames had an allocation of 5.

    The listing comes with free shipping. Yes that’s right – FREE SHIPPING! What a deal!

  • It’s disgusting how people take advantage of situations like this, no intention of buying limited editions for themselves, they just want to cash in and take advantage of people. I’ve been searching high and low for an ghost edition and have now resorted to just building on in 3d and have it printed. It’s cheaper and doesn’t cater to these ass hats.

  • I heard that most of EB’s allocation was offered to customers with existing preorders.

    JB had some too (online only), but they sold out in a day or two.

    • Correct. They were allocated to existing pre order customers in order of membership level.

    • Try a few hours. I went to JB right after I heard of Aussie availability and both the PS4 and last gen console versions were sold out. The Xbox One version lasted a bit longer, but that was gone next time I checked too.

      • After I heard, I was watching the stock meters online for a while, expecting them to sell out quickly, but they didn’t even move for a couple of hours.

        Regardless, I didn’t keep that close a watch on them, hence why I said “a day or two” (and they did sell out within that timeframe). 😉

    • The game may not have proven itself, but Bungie clearly likes crazy special editions (and Activision is throwing lots of money at it).

      And I thought the Beta was pretty cool.

  • Anyone who pre-orders games is a moron, just sitting in an account collecting interest. Go buy the game on release day.

    • Really! I went into EB and tried to buy Trials: Fusion on release day, they know me quite well there, and I’m a level 4, but I got “no, sorry, sold out”. Couldn’t find a copy anywhere, so I did the only thing I could, downloaded the 360 copy off XBox Live, and bought an Xbone disc copy from Ozgameshop.

      • So you bought the game twice because they were out of stock? Why didn’t you just download the Xbone version from XBL?

        • No, I intended to buy it twice in the first place. Wanted the XBone version on disc, because that’s the way I like my games, and it came with the season pass, bought it again on XBox Live because, it’s trials and double the achievements.

    • If you preorder online, a deposit isn’t necessary; they just charge the full amount on release (some online stores might require a deposit, but I’ve never encountered it).

      Not to mention this story is about people who missed out on the limited edition of the game (by not preordering), and are now paying twice as much to get hold of it.
      Do you think you can double your money in the bank in a few months?

      • If it’s a shitload of peoples money you can make a decent amount. I picked up GTAV and Pokemon X on the day, no idea where you guys live. Ltd editions are for plebs, stupid possessions just collecting dust or that “special DLC”, pffft.

        • Uh, I’m not sure why that’s a reply to my post, but you clearly have no idea what pleb means.

          And if you don’t want “stupid possessions just collecting dust”, wouldn’t you just buy everything digitally?

    • Are you aware that GTA V when it was released, sold out and i am not talking about the collectors editions, i am talking about your standard editions, they were sold out and it took a while before they got any back in stock.

      Fire Emblem on 3DS was the same.

      And Evil Monkey has stated Trials: Fusion was also sold out on release day.

      Nothing wrong with pre ordering games, if you want them on the day of release.

  • If its that limited then i wont bother with the game.
    I like to get the best edition of the game that i can, but if the average joe can’t just pre order it easy then they have lost a sale.

  • so when i finally get around to buying a PS4 will destiny even be a thing anymore, or will the psudeo mmo dead, and will i be forced to play a supposed multiplayer game by myself?

    • All but one map (the “strike” mission, 3 man raid) of the beta could comfortably be played singleplayer. Honestly since it’s Bungie I think you can count on people playing it for at least a couple of years, they’ve put all their eggs in this basket.

  • Earlier this year I sold JUST the blue shell I got for pre-ordering Mario Kart for $140AUD… people are silly.

    • How much you think I can sell the Bioshock: Infinite bird statue edition with no game?

      • Just search eBay. I’m shocked at how crazy people are for pre-order bonuses. I sold an unused Zelda 3DS: Ocarina Edition (the EB one which included an ocarina and musical sheet) fairly recently for near $300. The game is PAL yet more bidders were American too. The Link Between Worlds cartridge chest (which I didn’t get) is also selling for more than the game’s RRP right now.

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