People Are Pissed That Tomb Raider Is An Xbox Exclusive

People Are Pissed That Tomb Raider Is An Xbox Exclusive

This morning's biggest Gamescom news was that Rise of the Tomb Raider, the next big console instalment in Lara Croft's adventures, will be an Xbox exclusive. And people are pissed.

Well, to be honest, it's not really clear whether Rise of the Tomb Raider is a permanent Xbox exclusive. Game publishers like Microsoft and Sony are infamous for using shady language ("console exclusive!") that leaves the truth ambiguous and fans confused.

Journalist Geoff Keighley, who's out in Germany right now for the show, probed Microsoft in hopes of finding out the truth, to no avail:

"For holiday 2015." Whatever that means. Maybe the game will come to PlayStation and PC a few months after that; maybe it won't. (We've also reached out to all the parties involved in hopes of getting a real response.)

Still, PlayStation fans are understandably angry at Microsoft and Tomb Raider publisher Square Enix for potentially denying them a game that looks pretty damn cool. Tomb Raider, which has traditionally been a PlayStation-focused franchise, hit both new-gen consoles for the first time earlier this year, and wound up running better on PS4 than it did on Xbox One.

Our buddy Keza MacDonald over at Kotaku UK thinks this whole thing is a very bad idea:

There's a reason why these deals are increasingly rare: they're generally a bad idea. Whatever benefits Rise of the Tomb Raider and its publisher will gain from an exclusive partnership, players are the ones losing out.

Fans all over the web are pissed about the situation. On a Tumblr post written to explain why developer Crystal Dynamics decided to go this route, for example, gamers are fuming:

People Are Pissed That Tomb Raider Is An Xbox Exclusive

People on Twitter are upset, too:

People Are Pissed That Tomb Raider Is An Xbox Exclusive

A giant thread on the Tomb Raider forums is full of people criticising Square's decision, writing things like "RIP Tomb Raider" and "if this is true I'm done with Tomb Raider forever."

Stuff like this:

People Are Pissed That Tomb Raider Is An Xbox Exclusive

Are there some overreactions? For sure. But it's clear that people are upset, and for good reason: anyone who doesn't own an Xbox just found out that the next Tomb Raider comes with a big new price tag.

Of course there are also jokes:

There's even a petition:

People Are Pissed That Tomb Raider Is An Xbox Exclusive


    To be fair if Sony had done this it would of been the complete opposite reaction

      Not entirely the opposite. I'm a PC player and we're all equal opportunity haters of all the bullshit console business deals that hinder PC gaming.

        Yeah but it's cool to hate MS for consoles and Apple for phones a little bit extra these days :)

          Don't forget the EA kicking

            oh i haven't, i haven't bought an EA game on PC in years because of that origin BS I already have steam origin is just another username and password to remember for a crappier version of steam

            I think we are focusing on Ubisoft more these days

              Geez guys! Where was the memo?

              I'm always the last to know.

              Ubi does kinda deserve it. EA make some bad decisions but most are just bandwagon haters, Ubi is really annoying me though (love Rayman and enjoy Assassin's creed though so :/ )

                I am gonna be honest with you. I think the reason why people hate Ubi is because it is now the bandwagon haters. the flak they got from lack of female characters was a bit over the top especially when you consider how so few female characters their are in other games.

                Which funnily enough brings us back to the topic at hand, so i better give my two cents worth.

                This kinda sucks for PS players. As an Xboxer I don't think it is fair, especially considering the fact that this game series has been multi-platform for so long

                  No I think that was BS and only contributed to the useless gender wars that seem to plague the internet. I'm talking more annual Assassin's Creed, all their DLC, Watch Dogs fiasco and oh so much more.

          That's because they both release lumps of shit, parade it as the messiah of gadgets, and spew money out their ass to ensure everyone has this opinion and can't experience XYZ anywhere else.

            I deny your accusation of said lumps of shit....

            Xbox / Xbox 360 = Solid 10+ years of console gaming
            Yes I have also had high powered pc's and Nintendo consoles along the way but I still wouldn't write off those 2 at all... amazing consoles.

            Microsoft try and break the mold with their proposed Xbox one idea and every idiot under the sun who can't connect to the internet complains about it (on the internet). They listen to the idiot masses and backtrack and then they get called idiots for doing it. From that point on they can't win, anything they do is always painted in the worst light on the xbox one front.

            Iphone 3G / 4 / 5 = 6 years of phone use
            I've had mobile phones since the Nokia 5110 (2 ngage phones as well lol). Probably munched through 12+ phones in my time (Including the HTC One). You can try and bash iphones all you want but if you take away all the marketing wankery they are damn amazing reliable phones. You can probably argue that Android does this that or whatever over the iphone (I'm sure it does... and I'm sure there's vice versa cases to match them) but overall there's a reason people use them.

            Apple are smug fucks but meh, I don't pay attention to it. As far as I'm concerned they have a rock solid phone platform where almost all apps get released on and if anything breaks I can walk into a shop located in the CBD and get it replaced.

              Not everybody has access to the Internet all the time and at reasonable speeds.

              Yes, it's a #firstworldproblem but people legitimately hate that games that don't need the Internet to be played, need a console that forces people to need the Internet all the time.

                Fair point... but if a machine needs the internet... and you didn't have access to the internet... why would you buy that machine?

                The way I saw it is that "The xbox one works this way" and everyone was outraged. Yes it's unconventional but I mead it had a bunch of pro's because of that which we don't have now.

                I guess it's all a moot point because we have our conventional console now, yet people keep slamming the xbox one on everything it does. I'm not annoyed that it went the way it did, I would have been happy with either setup.

                  I bought an xbox one, expecting to be connected to the internet all the time. Then I moved house and I couldn't get the internet connected as there were "no free ports at the exchange". Long story short, I tried every avenue to get the internet on but I couldn't. I settled for mobile broadband, 4GB/month, not enough to have the Xbone online every month. I didn't mind, I played offline games, achievements didn't unlock, I couldn't see other people's times in Trials Fusion but it didn't worry me that much.

                  But it was at that point I realised the danger of having an always online console. I just kinda assumed the internet was available everywhere but it's of a reality in Australia.

              The reason I hated the idea of not being able to disconnect from the internet and not being able to remove your Kinect had more to do with privacy than actually wanting to do either of those. Yes, I can be internet connected at all times (except when moving apartments), but with the recent (ish) revelations of the NSA spying, the idea of buying a console that won't actually let me stay offline for as long as I want, and won't let me disconnect a camera and microphone is... unsettling

              Taking into account the fact that a lot of NSA "requests" are done in secret, and can't be mentioned, that they have decided that any American company must comply even when doing business outside of America, and that they have decided that they have rights to Microsoft data servers overseas...

              I don't have anything to hide, but I don't want a Government that I have no say in, that I can't vote for, to be spying on me. Hell, I don't even want the Australian Government doing that, but at least I can VOTE in that case. And I don't know if the NSA would require Microsoft to let them spy on everyone through the Xbone, nor do I think they'd ever want to actually tune into me. But damn, the inability to disconnect from the internet and unplug the camera/mic, coming from an American company? Yeah... no

                Do you honestly think that
                A) Microsoft constantly record video data on an xbox one and upload it back to base
                B) Have the power to switch on your xbox one, start live streaming off of your kinect while you're not there
                C) You are that important to them that they could do this

                If they ever EVER did this and someone ever found out about it... I'd say bye bye MS... there's just no way it would ever happen, it would ruin them.

                SO I just chalk it upto... a) it doesn't happen b) they would never do it even if they could c) if they honestly spied on me I have an uninteresting living room

                I'm all for privacy but this argument is ludicrous... why don't we start ripping out EVERY INBUILT WEBCAM FROM EVERY LAPTOP EVER*

                *ok not every laptop ever, but like heaps of them :)

                  Sorry for the late reply

                  A) No, I don't believe they do. I do however believe they have the capability to. I mean, it's not that hard. I bet they already have the functionality there, or close to, and it's just not doing it for more practical reasons
                  B) Yes, actually. Most console devices don't go into full power off mode unless you turn it off at the wall. The Xbox 360 powered on when you turned on your controller for example. You can also set your computer to be turned on remotely by a network connection. If you think Microsoft *doesn't* have the ability to remotely turn on your Xbox One if they really wanted to, then that's rather stupid. The technology is there, most consoles are ready, and most people don't cut the power to their consoles
                  C) Already addressed this, but no

                  I wouldn't say my argument is ludicrous. After all, the NSA does have secret orders to make companies like Microsoft hand over all overseas data that they want. They also have bugged machines. And it seems companies like Microsoft and Google don't really have what it takes to say no

                  As for the laptop/webcam idea: That's why I don't own a laptop

                  I never said that nobody else should have the Kinect for those reasons, I said that those are reasons why I personally wouldn't have gotten the Xbox One if it required the Kinect to always be plugged in. Because yeah, that was shady as fuck with the NSA revelations.

                  If you don't think that's a valid concern, that's your business, but I do

              Why do you go through so many gadgets if they're so amazing and reliable? Have you tossed the old ones or kept them?


                Because I'm a greedy geeky westener with disposable income and an itch for new gadgets.

        I imagine it'll come out on PC at some stage.

          This is all just clever wording, It is coming out on the PC and PS4 as well they are just using a different name to avoid confusion.

          The PC/PS4 version will be called Rise of the Tomb Raider HD

        You can still play the thousands of terrible Indy games that people rave about, so consider yourself lucky.

        I agree with you, @spanner
        Everything is console orientated, many games are just lousy console ports to PC, and I heard too many times: Oh that game, yeah I tried it but it totally sucks because the controller support is lousy/non existent on the PC, so I hate it.
        If you want controller support, there is your xbox or PS, PC gamers use keyboards.

      What do you mean by opposite? As in people would have been happy it was a PS4 exclusive, or that XB1 owners would be pissed off?

        As in most people would be supportive that it was a PS4 exclusive (especially so that the majority of nextgen owners are PS4 owners) and that good guy Sony who fights the good fight is helping their consumers.

      Every time a developer goes exclusive it upsets someone. Look at PC players with Destiny and the Xbox fans reaction to the favouritism.

      If this was the first game I wouldn't care as much but I hate that they would do this for a sequel.

        This, and if it was announced as an exclusive at E3 I don't think there'd be half this reaction since we would have all known straight off the bat..

      To be fair, it would make more sense. Tomb Raider was a Playstation-exclusive series for quite a while. There are probably more Tomb Raider fans that are Sony-loyal than those that are Microsoft-loyal.

      But either way, exclusivity kind of sucks.

        Actually, Tomb Raider has been multi platform all this time. I've always played on PC, from the first Tomb Raider.

      Haha yep

      and this is too funny... what a massive ball drop on sony's part this is the equivalent of say Halo being a Ps exclusive in 10-15yrs time haha

        Not really. It's more of a ball-drop on SE's part. I hope the big bag of cash they got from MS is enough to cover the fact they're going to sell about 8 copies of the game.

          Except MS and SE keep saying "Holiday 2015". Just off that, I'd say it's a timed exclusive.

          Oh and my copy will be one of those 8 you mentioned.

      That's not necessarily true though, I remember Microsoft fans getting quite vocally agitated at all the exclusive content Bungee is giving PS4 owners for Destiny, despite the fact that at the end of the day, at least they're still getting the game.

      In a way... but to be honest, i own both consoles, and from my perspective? Thats just total bullshit, and im making it known...

      To be fair if sony pulled some crap like it this, It would be the exception not the rule. There's a reason why the ps4 has more public goodwill then the xbone.

        It's not and they kinda did that with Destiny to where a lot of Xbone fans cried and outraged

        It's not the same at what Squenix and MS did though. Growing up and playing Tomb Raider on PS, this is just one big slap on the face. Heck I dont even care if it's not on the PS. They should've at least released it on PC on Day 1

          This is on a whole different level. With destiny they were clear that it's timed exclusive, and it's not the whole damn game. Also activision has always loved timed exclusives.

          The thing that really irritates me about this though is that they didn't mention this at the same time they announced the game..

          Keep crying. No different than Sony 'stealing' the Final Fantasy titles from Nintendo.

            What are you? 12? I'm just stating the fact that exclusivity is a load of crap and it affects both sides of the fence.

            Grow up

      Uhh no offence but this is the dumbest and most irrelevant comment ever.

      Of course it would be the opposite, Playstation fans wouldn't care, and PC and Xbox fans would be pissed off.

        And that's exactly why this shouldn't be ok. Regardless of who gets it, it's shit for the other people and a dick move. Whether it was Sony or MS, I couldn't care.

      So much this...

      Every time anything benefiting PS4 is revealed people are incredibly positive, anytime it's for the xbone it's incredibly negative. Sure this means people without an xbone will miss out but this has been the norm for how long? Exclusives are so common these days. Not sure why people get so upset over it.

    I don't think it's exclusive.

    Sure it's releasing exclusiveLY in that period, but its all just marketing speak. The date is exclusive, but the game probably won't be.


      Journalist Geoff Keighley, who’s out in Germany right now for the show, probed Microsoft in hopes of finding out the truth, to no avail:

      Spoke to many people here at Xbox press conference on Tomb Raider. Official line is that the game is "exclusive on Xbox for holiday 2015."

      “For holiday 2015.” Whatever that means. Maybe the game will come to PlayStation and PC a few months after that; maybe it won’t. (We’ve also reached out to all the parties involved in hopes of getting a real response.)

      "Exclusive on XBox for holiday 2015",that says it all right there, obviously Microsoft paid Squeenix a buttload of money to have an exclusive release window, probably for 6-12 months. It's just like Rockstar when they swore black and blue that GTA V wasn't coming to next (now current) gen consoles, here we are not even 12 months later and we all know it's been confirmed to be on the way.

      Good luck getting a "real" response out of either party, they would've signed confidentiality agreements preventing them from saying anything, they want to try and fool people into believing that it will never see the light of day on PS4, or even PC so then masses of hardcore fans will then rush out and purchase an Xbone.

      If you actually want an Xbone, great, but don't be fooled, give it 6 months or so after release and the truth will come out.

        Yes! There it is! These extra addon words to "exclusive" really muddy up the meaning.
        I remember in one press conference, I can't remember which one, but it might have been Xbone's for an NBA game, someone saying something like "and you can play it EXCLUSIVELY---first on Xbox", with the word "exclusively" emphasized and the word "first" said really quickly so as if you werent paying attention, you would have missed it.

        I'm pretty sure Rockstar never actually said "It's not coming to next gen and pc", all they ever said was "Let's just focus on the ps3 and 360 versions now" and winked at the journalists. But your point stands.

      Well for other games they did say first on xbox, I wonder why they threw in the exclusive word when it came to tomb raider?

        Both MS and Sony seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the word "Exclusive". I cringe every time I hear it, but at least I was prepared this gen. I just got both, so that word wouldn't mean anything! Then Activision/Bungie had to go screw my plan up entirely by restricting content on the xbox platforms for Destiny for a whole year. All my mates bar 2 (one for ps fanboy and one for pc master race) are on xbox and have been for years. At least I can still play Destiny with 98% of the content.

          I had plans to get both as well, but when I found you can share games on two xbox's with one digital download I ended up getting a 2nd xbox instead.
          My wife games as well and as split screen is on the demise and there really isnt enough exclusive games it seems like I made the right choice. If Destiny was to be split screen then it would have been another story.

            Yeah, I know what you mean. I have to admit im not huge on the whole shared/split screen thing, I feel it can detract from the game a bit. So the whole 1 digital copy gives me 2 licenses thing is pretty cool for me and the missus.

              I agree with you even sounds can really throw your game, im secretly glad she's on her own box now :)

    I love the people threatening a boycott on a game not available on their system.

    Great petition guys!

    We can't play on PS4 so we threaten to not play a game we cannot play!



    Last edited 13/08/14 8:16 am

      Actually it includes PC gamers as well. I have all 3 consoles but I prefer to play Tomb Raider on PC and this decision saddens me. Won't grab it on Xbox One just because that is the only choice I have for now. Pretty sure it will go to the other platform in time, Rise of Tomb Raider Definitive Edition!

        Meh... I was a member of the NINTENDO/SEGA/PLAYSTATION generation.

        Kids these days would have their heads implode about exclusives if they had lived back then.

        *Sunglasses* Deal with it.

        Last edited 13/08/14 10:15 am

          I lived in those days to and remember it well. You're right, it was potentially more dire back then as exclusives were to each console, which we (or our parents) would buy accordingly to taste. Nintendo had Super Mario bros. Sega had Sonic, Playstation for Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, etc. Started on Atari 2600 but from then on I was a Master System - Mega Drive kid where as my cousin was a Nintendo, Snes devout.... Though I digress of course, as there was the kid down the road whose parents had bought him every bloody console. No doubt he was host to the best sleepovers!

          Last edited 13/08/14 2:59 pm


          ( •_•)>⌐■-■


          Deal with it

      I'll just leave this gem here....

      Actually that will be a loss for MS. They didn't fork out cash in the hope of it causing more people to buy the next Tomb Raider for their system, they made it exclusive in the hope that would cause people to buy the system itself. This isn't about software, it's about hardware and on that front, pissing off the very people you were hoping to sway over isn't going to be a very effective tactic.

      And I don't think comparing this to older exclusives is a valid point either. Nobody complains about Halo being exclusively Xbox, or for Naughty Dog's stuff being exclusively PS when they're announced, for the reason they always have been. This is about a sequel that was formally for everyone now being limited to a single platform for no other reason than a cash donation (and I can't imagine how that will work out better for either company in the long run).

      But yeah, online petitions are remarkably pointless.

      to be fair i own both consoles and im still not buying it... i just prefer to play these games on my PS4. Its been a TR tradition of mine since TR1

        TBF I own both consoles and when a game interests me enough to purchase it, I don't care what platform it's on. I just buy it.

          look i get that and i do the same when it comes to exclusives. But this situation is a bit like saying "hey guys everyone can watch the Part 1 of the lord of the rings, butonly half of you can watch the ending". if the entire TR reboot series wasxbox exclusives, i would have been fine with that, but basically, everyone else who bought the game and was waiting for the sequel, just got screwed.

            Except that hidden amongst all that PR BS is that it has to be timed exclusivity. Yes any exclusivity sucks, but thats one of the reasons I bought both the ps4 and x1. So this sort of shite wouldn't be an issue.

    Im annoyed destiny has exclusive content to ps4 for like a year, BAD LUCK.

    Im sure ps4 will prob get it like 6 months later.

      Seriously I find this a far more irritating practice. I'm not paying the same money for less game. So I'll skip destiny and wait for The Division.

        But why not just play Destiny on PS4? I think the PS4 coming exclusives are pretty decent.

          Four reasons
          1) Feel pretty jaded by Sony last gen, with PSN going down for a month when I had time between jobs, the all in one media PS3 being not only abandoned, but aggressively hit by Cinavia, PlayTV not receiving updates for years and being very spotty on slims.
          2) Recent motorcycle accident has stuffed my left thumb so it sits forward, no more dual shocks for me.
          3) It barely does anything. I expect an expensive multimedia device to be a multimedia device, not a gaming only device
          4) I refuse to pay to play on two systems.

          I sold my bonus PS4 that came with my TV brand new in box, and even then had trouble as upgraders changed their mind when they found out it couldn't play USB media, and couldn't play DLNA. Picked up a Wii-U premium for $179 with MK8 during the Kmart stuff up as a replacement.

          Letrico are you joking???

          Does PS4 have any exclusives?
          honestly stuff like Killzone and remade ps3 games shouldn't count!

            They have infamous and likely uncharted/little big planet and etc. I'm just personally more a fan of Microsoft's exclusives like halo, gow, crackdown, whatever the Alan wake guys are doing next

            Nono I am saying the upcoming exclusives hence I said "coming exclusives are pretty decent". Have The Order, Bloodborne, Uncharted, Driveclub, LBP3, more infamous. Might have missed a few but those are in my list.

          My answer to this is really simple. Yes I have both systems. My IRL friends play on xbox platforms.

    Lol at that petition: "if you don't release the game on a platform we own, we won't buy it!" - as if that's a choice they get to make.

    Chill, this is obviously a timed exclusive. I know it sucks, I do. But it's not the end of the world.

      I could get behind the petition if it didn't look like it was written by a 12yo hoping to get internet popular over it.

        Yeah, with the amount of spelling errors in it (they are not typos, it's obvious whoeever wrote it simply doesn't know how to spell, or they are trolling) anyone signing it should feel embarrassed.

    I love video games, hate the industry.

    I used to love reading news on gaming websites, now im nervous too.

    I want to go back to when games were finished, split screen was still a thing and you could try demos for upcoming games, just by purchasing a magazine.

    This annoys me because now I'm going to have to wait another 6 months for the PC version, artificial delays due to back room business deals are just plain terrible for the people buying the product.

      At least you got GTAV on time....

        GTA was a little more understandable, the assumption was always that the PC version was going to arrive a long side a current gen version when it wasn't there at launch for the last gen consoles. Rockstar didn't sink all that money into upgrading their Rage engine tools purely for a single PC release (Max Payne).

    If this is a case of the game only existing because MS gave them the funding they needed (in exchange for exclusivity) then that's fine. I'd be incredibly disappointed and angry if I didn't have an Xbox One because I loved the last game, but I'd the prefer the game be an exclusive than not exist at all. Who knows, maybe they did go to Sony after a similar kind of deal but were turned down because it'd be competing with Uncharted. I don't know, just some baseless speculation there.

      They claim the reason they gave Rise Of The Tomb Raider to Xbox is because Ps4 and PC have Lara Croft and the Temple Of Osiris as an exclusive so they wanted to make it even.

        I'm pretty sure temple of Osiris is on all 3.

          Yeah thats what I thought but that was apparently the reason Crystal Dynamics Darren Galleghar gave on the blog saying PC and PS4 have temple of osiris and ps4 has the definitive edition of tomb raider

          You're right:

        Nah that's not the reason, that bit was them trying to band aid the situation for PC/PS4 fans. "We're not releasing this game on your platforms, but hey, at least you're getting this other lesser* game and you've got the last one!"
        *I don't really know if it's a "lesser" game, but it doesn't compare to a full AAA Tomb Raider title.

          Yeah that soubds about right, I dunbo I wasnt a fan of the Gaurdian of Light game either it felt like a quick easy little game with no substance to me. Id prefer the AAA over osiris

    A game gets a (possibly timed) exclusive to one console.... you'd think people would have been dealing with this since super mario first graced our screens.....

      Mario has never been on any other platforms other than official Nintendo ones. Tomb Raider has been on all major platforms for the last 20 years. Apples and oranges.

      Except Tomb Raider was an iconic Playstation game. This is like Mario switching exclusivity.

        I remember it being a PC game more than a PS game but I get it.

        In my eyes it's still like COD or Assasins Creed suddenly becoming a PS4 exclusive, sucks but not the end of the world.

          But just because it's not the end of the world doesn't mean we shouldn't expect/demand better, especially when it's such an artificial restriction (if it's being advertised as an XBOX One 'holiday' exclusive odds are all versions of it could be ready to go at the same time, rather than just an honest delay like a few PS3 games had last generation).
          There's no use crying over spilt milk but that doesn't make it ok to just lazily splash milk around.

            Well said, continue splashing :)

            I guess it's just no real surprise to me that this stuff could/is happening and the games industry, hell every industry is changing and you kind of gotta go with the flow most of the times. I feel like people are constantly less adaptive and whingey than they should be..... but yes within that scope this is somewhat out of the ordinary, but like I said it doesn't surprise me at all.

      I don't think you know the difference between first party developers and third party developers... and a lot of other things.

    Exclusives are the reason I bought both the current gen systems. So it wouldn't matter.

      Both, or all three?

        There is only two current gen :)

          Not sure if serious, or having a dig at the Wii U...

            idk man I have all 3 console but Wii U feel lacking. Feels it falls short for current gen and it is somewhere between last gen and current gen. True Wii had the same history but Wii was great, Wii U not that great at the moment.

              While it's not "next gen", it's better than last gen. End of the day, Nintendo games more than make up for it. Personally I skipped the wii, as it had far too much focus on gimmicky motion gaming.

              Last edited 13/08/14 10:10 am

        I did buy a wiiU, but after about 3 weeks of playing I couldn't stand the gamepad/second screen. Not how I like to play games, so I sold it.

    Wow, talk about an overreaction... it'll more than likely be a timed exclusive.

    It must have cost MS a bomb to do this, and they probably needed to after TR looking and playing better on the PS4, and being behind in the units sold. I'm guessing they will be using their deep pockets to give the XB1 an image of having the exclusives to try and get a positive view of the console for potnetial buyers.

    so if sony gets an exclusive everyone talks about how great sony are, microsoft does it and their evil. Good to know....

      Yeah I've noticed that. No one was carrying on like this when Playstation 3 owners got Battlefield exclusives or extra missions on Assassins Creed but piss off these Playstation kids and watch out!

        Microsoft fans get just as annoyed (see Destiny), the only difference is last generation they were in the better position with Microsoft sinking tons of money into timed exclusives so we didn't see that rage very often. And to be fair it's a perfectly reasonable thing to be pissed off about. Square-Enix and the like are literally selling out the people who play their games when they do stuff like this.
        It's why the PS4 getting exclusives/timed exclusives while spouting all this 'for the players' crap annoys me so much.

          The difference is, when I rising fans got upset about Destiny having PS4 exclusives, kotaku (and the commenters) all lash out and call MS fans 'entitled'.

      It's almost like people were expecting a game with a LONG history of being multi-platform to continue being multi-platform. I don't see the internet rage machine flipping out about Sunset Overdrive or Quantum Break being Xbone exclusives.

      Crystal Dynamics then went and made it even worse for themselves by attempting to placate fans with a Don "just buy a 360" Mattrick inspired response along the lines of "It's ok guys, we're not abandoning you. You can still play the re-mastered 2013 Tomb Raider!"

      So no, this has nothing to do with unfairly picking on Microsoft.

        No one flipped out on SO and QB because

        1) Remedy's last game was Alan Wake, a 360 exclusive until the PC port years later (2012 I think)

        2) Insomniac always made exclusives, but had a reason to swap platforms (MS let them keep ownership of the IP. Sony owns Ratchet and Clank, not Insomniac)

        All of Crystal Dynamic's games were multiplat and suddenly they sell out, basically saying to the other fans 'Lol, just play the other one'. No wonder people are pissed more at them than the other two

      This isn't a new IP or extra exclusive missions. This is a Sony icon completely jumping ship. You would be pissed if Halo went multiplatform and then became a Sony exclusive a few years later. This is exactly the same scenario, but in reverse.

    haha lame.

    It'll probably be on the PS4 and PC within 6 months. They'll want the sales.

    Everybody calm the @#%$ down! This is Square Enix we're talking about!

    We can always trust in them to re-release a game at least 5 times before shelving it so you can count on seeing this on the PS4, and then remastered editions on the PS4 and the Xbone and finally re-mastered HD Ultimate/Bundle Editions for everyone everywhere (phones inlcuded)!!

    I just bought Tomb Raider on PC during the Steam sales. Now its going to the verrrrry bottom of my "to play" list. At least that way, once I finish it, this game will have been released on PC and will also be $10 haha.

    Exclusives are bullshit, especially in this generation where the consoles are pretty much the same hardware-wise. I'm personally not that interested in Tomb Raider, but the more people calling them out on it, the better.

    Everyone complains after E3 that XB1 has no exclusives - they lock one up and it's the end of the world....
    Just like the digital push no-one wanted cos they couldn't trade their games...yet they happily buy via Steam...

      If XBL / PSN prices were the same as Steam prices I doubt anybody would be complaining about it.

      They have several exclusives coming out that are brand new IP. Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive to name a couple. People are not angry that the Xbone has a new exclusive, they're angry that a game that has released on all major platforms for the last 20 years is now exclusive to 1.

    The problem with this isn't that MS has an exclusive, it's that MS has taken an established cross platform game and made it an exclusive.

    This does kind of make sense from Square Enix's point of view, though. It's no secret they were disappointed with sales of the first one... it sold something like half of what they expected (I'd argue their expectations weren't realistic), but finally made some money by the time it came out on PS4/XBone.

    Bear in mind those sales expectation were on PS3 and 360 which had user bases somewhere in the vicinity of 80 million each (and PC, of course). And you'd assume some of those PS4/XBone sales were people double dipping who already bought it on the older consoles. Now they're making a new one aimed at the new consoles which have a COMBINED install base of what... about 15 million between them? So if they can help make their money back by taking this deal then it probably makes sense for them.

    I'm 90% certain this is just a timed exclusive due to (a) the amount of weasel words being used to describe it and (b) the fact that last time MS forked out vast quantities of cash for a genuine 3rd party exclusive (Titanfall) it didn't really work out too well for them, so I doubt they'd be willing to drop that kind of cash again on a 3rd party real exclusive as opposed to just a timed arrangement. So yeah... Square take some extra cash up front from MS, release on XBone next xmas and then have a wider release on PS4/PC a few months later.

    Last edited 13/08/14 9:53 am

    C'mon, it's not like PS4 doesn't have loads of amazing exclusives- pretty sure PS4 owners reaction, on hearing Xbox owners complain, is: "Why not get a PS4?"

    Not saying I'm happy about the exclusivity, just saying there's a lot of hypocrisy going on here.

      Hypocrisy you say! On the internets you say? I DO NOT believe it!

      Can you give me an example of a franchise with a very long history of being multi-platform becoming a PS4 exclusive?

        Especially one that had been an exclusive for the other console?

          The original game, titled Tomb Raider, made its debut on the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC. It was one of the major titles responsible for the PlayStation's success in the mid-1990s, and helped ship over 100 million PlayStation consoles.

          But not exclusive to Sony... Ever....

            *exclusive on a console that sold more than 5 units. Better?

        Rare games come to mind. Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooe. That's about the only precedent I can think of.

          And people were pissed about that at the time as well.. Some still are. Mind you those were more of a 'Bayonetta 2' situation, if memory serves, where the franchise was troubled until payed for. Not like this..

          The only other examples I can think of is in reverse, like Spyro and Crash going multi platform. Unfortunately for the worse though.

            In the case of Rare is was the fact that Microsoft purchased them and inherited their franchises as we'll. the end result was me getting an xbox 360 instead of a wii cause I was a HUGE Perfect Dark fan. Best decision of my life! Mind you, Perfect Dark on 360 sucked but I had more fun with Oblivion/Skyrim, Gears, Halo, Red Dead, Assassin's Creed and countless other games than I would have had with the wii.

    Or...get both consoles? It's not hard. It's a $1000 investment for two items that will keep you happy for 5-7 years.

      I refuse to buy an XB1 for ethical, not economic reasons.


          For me the comparison would be like going back to someone that has treated you terribly. An apt analogy would be something like the infamous "Baby come back i promise i won't hit you any more" Fuck. that. shit. They've done it once, it's very likely they'll do it again.

          That's not the only reason for me either im an avid pc gamer and their constant "We support the pc, fuck yer we will - much support (MS 2005)" 10 years later im still waiting.

    The game's the game man....

    We rolled the dice picking our consoles, we can't blame others because they acted in their best interests.

    Wow, talk about crying a river, two complains come to an agreement that benefits them both, the gaming world loses it's shit.

    Lots of games are exclusive, exclusives are the only bloody reason one console will be chosen over another. MS, Sony and Nintendo should try to secure as many as they can if they want their system to succeed.

    Or maybe everyone should start crying about GT, Uncharted, Titanfall, Halo, Nintendo games, etc all not being multiplats.

      No, this is not the same as Mario or Halo. Every game you just listed has been an exclusive since the FIRST release. Tomb Raider has been on every major platform for nearly 20 years now. This isn't even close to being the same as the games you just listed.

      I also note that I don't see the internet rage machine flipping out at Insomniac for releasing Sunset Overdrive as an Xbone exclusive? Or Remedy for releasing Quantum Break as an Xbone exclusive?

      I don't think anybody is complaining about first party exclusives like GT, Uncharted, Halo, Mario, Zelda, etc.

      These are IP's created, developed and funded by the platform holders - it would make no sense for them to create products for their competitors.

      The issue with third party stuff like Titanfall and Tomb Raider is that they're not creating anything - certainly these deals are no good for gamers, even XBox gamers. The money MS spent on making Titanfall an exclusive could have funded development of a new, first party exclusive IP. Then XBox gamers could have had both Titanfall AND that new IP. Instead they just got Titanfall and PS gamers didn't. Instead of spending money to make a game, MS spent their money paying others to NOT make a game. Where is the benefit for any of us, the consumers, in that?

      Last edited 13/08/14 10:52 am

        There isn't any, but you forget that Sony and MS are not here to benefit you, they are here to benefit their shareholders by making you buy their shit.

        Best way to do that, have good games that are only available on their respective systems. I know it sucks, but it's just the way it is, no point crying about it.

        What gets me is the sense of entitlement people have these days, you are not entitled to have any game, nor do games have to be on both systems. If you really want to play something, buy the system.

        We all need to stop living in some fantasy world where everyone just does everything to be nice and for no return.

          There isn't any, but you forget that Sony and MS are not here to benefit you, they are here to benefit their shareholders by making you buy their shit.

          Oh, I didn't forget that, and I understand that's WHY they do it. But at the same time, people are allowed to have their opinions on the practice. It's just like the way companies geoblock their digital stores in order to make us pay higher prices and/or limit the availability of content. Or the way Foxtel make a deal to have Game of Thrones exclusive on their service. These are arrangements designed purely to benefit these companies at the expense of consumers, and people complain about it and have every right to do so.

          On the other hand, when Foxtel invest in creating their own, original content to run on their own service, you don't hear anywhere near as much complaining because they've invested their own money to actually create something, as opposed to spending money restricting people's options.

            This right here is the best analogy. Play and iTunes both had GoT , then Foxtel took season 4 away for everyone except their customer base until such point as it's out on Blu-ray.

            People were pissed then, and they pissed now for more or less the same reasons.

              Except that we can still pirate GoT and watch it using a video player on our PC or console. PC and PS4 owners can't just pirate Rise of Tomb Raider.

    That boycott/petition's funny.
    PS4 and or PC only owner, "If you don't release the game on PS4 or PC then we won't buy it on PS4 or PC."
    Developers, "No shit sherlock?"

    In all seriousness though it'll go multiplat eventually maybe as a definitive edition so don't cry about it too much.

      The boycott works if you choose not to get a XB to play it. The boycott works if you have a XB and still choose not to buy the game.
      You missed that logic Sherlock...

        Indeed. I'm sure tons of people who either have or are planning to purchase an XBox One are going to boycott this game out of solidarity for the jilted PS4/PC fanbase because they care very deeply.

          Oh I agree and love the sarcasm too man. The petition is going to do bugger all. I was just making a point that he wasn't as clever as he thought by not thinking a little more dynamically about said petition. At the end of the day no one will "care very deeply" today, tomorrow, once the game is old or timed exclusivity is up etc etc.

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