People Really, Really Want To Work At Valve

People Really, Really Want to Work at Valve

At least, according to those polled for an International Game Developers Association (IGDA) poll. And how bad do they want to work there? More than at their own company.

As pointed out on GameSpot, over 2200 developers were polled as to which game developer or publisher they'd like to work for. Here are the top ten:

10. Bethesda Game Studios 9. Double Fine 8. Naughty Dog 7. Nintendo 6. Current Employer 5. Ubisoft 4. BioWare 3. Activision Blizzard 2. My Own Company 1. Valve

If you have dreams of working at Valve, check out its employee handbook, if you haven't already.

Valve Is the Most Desirable Employer in Video Games, Study Finds [GameSpot]


    The only way to ever play half life 3 is to work at valve.......

    I would tickle gabe's beard for free.
    He still has it doesn't he?

    God, I'd love to work for Valve, they are at the forefront of almost everything gaming...

    Valve has one criteria to be a successful candidate. You must not be able to count past 2.

    By their own company, were they referring to their current company situation (i.e. for most indie developers, pretty uncertain??) compared with a viable successful company like Valve....or were they thinking that Valve is better than working for a viable successful representation of their own company?

    Because the former is quite understandable...the latter would be quite sad...

    I'd love to work for Rockstar, but that's just because I'm a huge fanboy.

    I was like "My Own Company? What games do they make, and why haven't I heard of them before??"

    Stupid title-case text throwing me off.

    I think people want to work at Valve not for the franchises they own, but for the work culture that's become legendary since the public release of their new employee handbook.

    Whatever you say about the effectiveness of their management strategy, it's certainly seems effective at attracting talent. I remain hopeful that it's a strategy that will catch on, and spread throughout industry.

    So this means Half Life 3 is confirmed?

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